The Start of a New Era
Saturday, 15 December 2018
picture.pngThe last few weeks have been full of dark tidings, but as one era comes to an end, so does another begin. Before we even get to those news, the entire staff at the Round Table would like to extend to all of you, Knights, Ladies, Lords, beings from other realms, a most sincere and genuine thank you for staying with us throughout nearly fourteen years. There are really no words that can do justice to how incredible this community has been, a true shining beacon and example of how incredible and valuable a forum can be to its members. 

So without further ado, we now ask you for your help once more, as we embark on a journey to find a new keep to make our own. Our very own Tertius has taken unto himself to become the new head of wherever it is we end up, although most of the current staff, including myself, are likely to join him in building this new home. All of the amazing content we have published over the years here at the Round Table is safe and sound with Guillaume, and will be slowly transferred over to this new keep. 

To that end, we will need funds to rent a new server and purchase domain names! The paypal account to be used for this purpose will be made available here (and in the thread) as soon as possible, but the call is out, so keep an eye on the front page! *Updated* You may now contribute to the new coffers to Tertius' Paypal account at: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

*Further update* A current possibility is $360/£284, which would pay for a migration of current content (how much exactly is still being ascertained) and hosting costs for three full years!

There are still some funds in our current coffers, these will serve towards maintaining the current website as an online archive until such funds run out in a few months. The exact shape and accessibility of the Round Table during this period is still being discussed. 

So let us rejoice and reminisce about the many amazing memories that these halls have borne over the years, and let us toast to new beginnings! 

Your humble servants,
The Round Table Staff
Last Updated ( Thursday, 20 December 2018 )