Parade of Banners
Thursday, 17 November 2016

Esteemed Gentle Knights and Ladies of the Round Table of Bretonnia,

Allow me to submit for this year's conversion competition "The Parade of Banners" at the Chateau de Pierredragon, also known in English as "Stonedragon Castle" in the fair land of Bastonne.

Essentially. it simply involves the conversion of mounted knights into standard bearers on foot, here arrayed on the windswept drawbridge of Stonedragon Castle.

In the first picture stand the bearer of the Battle Standard, Jean Dragoncoeur of Bastonne (yours truly), and the bearer of the Banner of the Grail Knights.

In the second picture can be seen behind us the visage passant of the white dragon Fierygant above the great entrance arch of the castle.

In the third picture are all the noble bearers of the various Bretonni standards and flags presented at this year's Parade of Banners at Stonedragon Castle.

It is hoped that this entry meets with your approval and satisfaction.

Yours respectfully,

Jean Dragoncoeur de Bastonne

 Chevalier de l'Ordre Tres Loyale













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