The Glossary of the Round Table is live!
Wednesday, 18 April 2007

textedit_80.pngYou might have noticed strange links and icons in various paragraphs in the last days... now they are here to stay! I tested a new Glossary component, and integrated it with article text and forum posts all over the Round Table.

Thanks to the initial ideas and collection of Sir Martin of Jut and contributions from many other members, we now have a quite impressive Glossary. Abbreviated terms in forum post and articles are automatically detected and explained (the first occurence only).

The best thing, however, is that everybody can help expand our Glossary, just click "Add new entry" in the glossary (more help in the Forum). Now, by default each contribution is unpublished until reviewed by an admin. Be sure to insert only common terms, for which a unique explanation exists (e.g. "A - Attacks" is not very useful. Every Warhammer-Player should now the stats, and it would replace every "A" in a text!).


Last Updated ( Saturday, 15 September 2007 )