Expected Downtime on the Weekend
Thursday, 15 February 2007

textedit_80.png I will perform a long due server move on the weekend, so expect longer Downtimes of the site at Sunday or Monday. We will finally be on our own server afterwards, with hopefully more performance for all new knights of Bretonnia. Thanks to all the generous supporters of the Round Table making this possible!

Since the domain (address will stay the same) will also move to a new registrar, there might be misconnections. In any case, try Bretonnia.info and Roundtable-Bretonnia.org... and be patient. I will update this news artice as soon as everything is done.

  • Update: The hardest part is done. We are now located on a new server, unfortunately the whole process took me longer than expected. I hope you were patient enough. The old address is unfortunately not yet updated to our new location, so please use Bretonnia.info until then, and excuse some not-working links. This is only a temporary measure, I'll keep you all updated about the process.

  • Update 2: The transfer is complete! After more than a week, everything is settled now. We are located on the new server, and using the right domain name. The short bretonnia.info forwards to our traditional URL. Be sure to report any strange behaviour you notice that could be related to the move on the discussion link below.



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