We're online!
Saturday, 10 September 2005
Finally, we did it! The Round Table of Bretonnia opens its doors!

We now have a new design, basing on the old one which marked out our special community, and a new content management behind it!
A short, and random overview about some new features:
  • User managed Gallery: upload pictures of your miniatures!
  • User Profiles: Decide which features of you and your army you want the community to see, upload your Avatar, and Heraldry!
  • A completely interactive map showing all registered members!
  • New articles management: Compose them here at the site, and rate content written by other members!
  • Last but not least: Our Discussionboard, which allows both a threaded and a flat display of posts.

Now all we need to accomplish is finish moving all relevant (and still up-to-date in the current edition) content, we already started. Everyone is welcome to help!

Additionally, don't forget to announce our Re-Launch on all other known Warhammer sites.
Here's some material!

If you feel your self a bit lost, with all the new features and your new User Profiel, then Robert de Giselles has a good overview for you here!
Last Updated ( Wednesday, 21 September 2005 )