A Bretonnian Ballad- The Day Chaos Cried
Saturday, 26 August 2006

I bring you yet another ballad of Bretonnian history and tale! A glorious fight in the long days ago where in the midst fo fighting the Chaos hordes that did come upon us fled before our wrath and the knights that did chase them down could have sworn... that they were crying in defeat.

Happy Reading (Singing?) - Jean-


In the darkness
beyond our sight
the chaos grew
readying for the fight

Many's the time
Bretonnia had saved
our land from its doom
our path righteously paved

Demons and beasts
monstrosities that roam
through our forests and lands
screaming for blood and bone

We grabbed our lances
and recited our oaths
for the Lady we rode
against the Chaos Host

Our lances pierced
and many did fall
"For Bretonnia! For the Lady"
Was our dire call

The Dark Nights that passed
the Glorious days that came
the battles fierce
But Chaos wept in shame

The day Chaos cried
was a glorious one indeed
unimaginable was our glory
so every word I advise take heed

We rode into the fray
upon their ships they stood
they set out to claim our bodies
but we prevailed as we should

The day Chaos cried
was a glorious one indeed
we brought down the mighty foe
upon our trusty steeds

That day a mighty victory
a success from our ride
the Lady blessed our lances
The Chaos fled and cried

The day Chaos cried
was a glorious one indeed
Our Honor a mighty sword
and through their ranks it cleaved

The day Chaos cried
was a glorious one indeed
they fled before our banners
for death did impede

The day Chaos cried...
was a day we would sing...
forever of our heroes...
let their echoes ring...



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