Donations for the Round Table of Bretonnia
Thursday, 20 April 2006

We, the Staff of The Round Table of Bretonnia want to ensure a long future for our dedicated Bretonnian Community, and we want to follow the tradition of our old home "Earl Cadfael's Bretonnian Army" and keep everything ad-free.

However, a webserver costs money. Right now we're on a shared server with many other accounts on it, and Etien de Rochefort and me paid for the first term. But we plan to grow much more in the future, and then our site will become slower and slower with more users. A move to a faster server will be necessary then, which will be more expensive.

To ensure our future hosting and running of the site, every one is now able to donate for The Round Table of Bretonnia via the PayPal-button below, or at the top right of the site, above the Search-Box.

Just donate any amount you want, any time you want if you're enjoying this community as much as we do. All money (less charges for the transfer by PayPal) will go directly into hosting this Community (and upgrading it in the future).

Last Updated ( Thursday, 20 April 2006 )