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The Order of the Silver Lance

The Order of the Silver Lance consists of those knights who have triumphed in one of the jousts or arenas of honour held at the Round Table of Bretonnia.

The following Users were awarded with this medal:

NameDate awardedReason for Award
1vanhoe21. August 2013For winning the 2013 Midsummer's Joust
Artius28. December 2013For winning the 2013 Midwinter's Tournament
De Rochefort29. October 2006For his victory in the Alexis Joust
Edmund Droitcoeur14. October 2014For winning the 2014 Harvest Tournament
Guillaume le Courageux06. March 2016For Winning the 2015 X Anniversary Tournament
LORD ROTH13. August 2011For winning the 2011 Mid-Summer Tournament
Reynault de Lyons07. February 2012For winning the 2012 New Year's Tournament Joust
Sir Hillier06. March 2006
Sir William22. January 2010For winning the 2010 New Year's Tournament Joust
Sir William03. August 2010For winning the 2010 Mid-Summer Tournament
SirSamuelDuCarcassonne30. January 2011For winning the 2011 New Year's Tournament Joust
Uther Di Asturien14. September 2013For winning the 2013 Midsummer's Melee
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