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Foreword and Chapter 1: Thoughts of Nobility
Literature - A Familía D'Avis
Friday, 06 March 2009


I’m glad you’ve decided to read the stories of the house D’Avis.  I hope you’ll find it as enjoyable to read as I found it to write. AS you may have gathered, the story is set in the south-west of Estalia, San Pedro del Sur, to be exact, just south of Belmoz, where the Reconquista RPG (found in the Guildhall of Wayfarers section of this forum) is set. Also, by the time of the Reconquista RPG, the family D’Avis will have disappeared from the Fazenda.I believe a few things have to be said of the story before you start reading. The most important thing is that I’ve decided to keep very close to history rather than GW canon. I’ve done this with a reason:  I found that if I included creatures like Skaven or Dwarfs as important characters, the philosophical and emotional value of the story might be lost, due to it no longer being an anthropocentrical novel.

Which leads to the second note. I wrote this story as a novel, and thus it should be read as a novel. I’m aware of the fact that it is difficult to read a novel from screen, and therefore I’ve requested the category ‘A Familía D’Avis’ (which is Portuguese for ‘The Family of Avis’), which allowed me to post it in chapters. Hence I advise reading it in chapters and not all in one go. It will hurt your eyes.I took my inspiration from various novels, stories and historical articles, but most notably from D.H. Lawrence’s 1926 novel “The Plumed Serpent”, which is a great read. I advise you pick it up sometime if you get the chance. I find that it portrays the (controversial) thoughts of the main characters very well, and the plot is also very interesting. However, the inspiration didn’t stop at the themes and setting. You’ll find that the style is also very much influenced by the book. Hence why this story is in third-person and not in first-person like a lot of my other work. I’ve considered using first-person, but in the end decided against it for the simple reason that the story is about a family and not a single person (and third-person obviously allows for easier switching between point of views). That was all I had to say really. I’d like to thank the Round Table for allowing me to publish it here, and especially Uther for helping me out when I needed help, both in terms of the Round Table and Iberian history and culture, which obviously plays a vital part in the story.

Arthur (TheAdmiral).

Last Updated ( Saturday, 07 March 2009 )
Black Widow
Literature - Various Stories
Wednesday, 11 February 2009

 Black Widow

Life's a game, life's a gamble. People play games, people gamble. Some win, but in the end they all lose. Almost all, there are some who have found a way to cheat. Cheat death. They beat the bank, beat death. They can win the ultimate gamble. Jaella was one such person, is one such person and will always remain one such person.


Last Updated ( Wednesday, 11 February 2009 )
My Brother, My Killer
Literature - Tales of Roiglan
Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Chapter One: A Long Way From Home

 "Go ahead, finish it! End my wretched life of misery and pain.” His grating and deep voice boomed through the tent of leathery hides. In his eyes burned a fiery madness, -the kind only the corrupt gods can invoke- but deep inside the turmoil of his warring pupil lay a deeper emotion: a begging weariness. From within the cage of his former life it looked as if he was pleading for mercy. The young knight hesitated, torn between his own sanity and adrenalin-fuelled anger. Is this man, my brother, really devoured by the corruption? Shall I never again see his calm smile? Is  the gentleness of his eyes truly devoured by evil? His heart had become a stone just mere hours ago, bent on the destruction of this terror. The grotesque mutations, granted by the fearsome power of pestilence, had deformed that smile into a grim mass of flesh, boils and rotten teeth. The one eye not overgrown by a green pus, was bloodshot and dotted with darkish blue and purple spots; it most certainly held no gentleness. The torture of this shell of despair could be ended right here, right now, by his righteous hand but somewhere deep within, hidden beneath the layers of decaying flesh, was the man he once knew, travelled with, respected. So he did what every man would do; his hand stayed. Can a man find true redemption for his greatest sins?

Last Updated ( Saturday, 31 January 2009 )
Using the Prophtess of the Lady
Tactics - Tactica
Friday, 02 January 2009

The Bretonnian army offers two lord choices, the Bretonnian lord and the Lady`s Prophtess. This article will discuss all aspects, good and bad, concerning using a wizard lord in a Bretonnian army. This will be done in several chapters:

1. Purpose: why take the Prophtess, 2. General: Is the Prophtess fit to be the general, 3. Level: is it better to take level 3 or 4. Mount – which mount to choose, 5. Lore - Which lore to choose., 6. Magical items – suggestions on heirlooms., 7. Magic ressitance , 8. Miscasts – risks of high level wizzards

Last Updated ( Monday, 05 January 2009 )
McKenzie's Beetle
Literature - Various Stories
Thursday, 01 January 2009

 McKenzie's Beetle


I look at all the lonely people, walking through the half-melted snow, trying to hide from the cold winter wind. If there is anything I want to tell you, it is that Altdorf is not a warm, happy place. It is cold, the weather is cold, but the people are colder. True, for the few wealthy people, merchants, generals, noblemen, it is good enough, but for us, for me, it is a place of sorrow. In these dirty streets, where only the beggars and grunts come, there has never been much hope or happiness, but in these months, there's none at all.



Last Updated ( Monday, 12 January 2009 )
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The News - The Round Table News
Monday, 08 December 2008

textedit_80.pngThis Wednesday (10th of December) in the evening (about 19-20h GMT), the Round Table will be offline for maintenance for a short time. A new Gallery will be installed - you can check out the new features right after that. Of course, your existing images, comments and all will be preserved.


Update: The migration to the new Gallery is done - check the discussion below for details!


Last Updated ( Wednesday, 10 December 2008 )
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