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For technical and legal reasons, the Round Table of Bretonnia will be in a frozen maintenance mode starting on May 25, 2018. As of now, there will be no new registrations possible. For details, please read the announcement in the forum.

For all inquiries, contact the admin at webmaster@roundtable-bretonnia.org

The Dispossessed Knight's Tale
User Rating: / 6
Literature - Various Stories
Written by Sir Guy des Bontemps   
Saturday, 09 January 2010

The following forms a sub-plot to the thread "A bretonnian revolution? (discussion and planning)" and was written by me over a 24-hour period between 31st December 2009 and 1st January 2010.

The story revolves around a dispossessed knight, named  Toustain de Mont Briècque, who is from the small town of Mont Briècque in southern Carcassonne and located in the foothills of the eastern Irrana Mountains, near to the Nuvolone Pass.

I hope you enjoy the story, and your comments and feedback, via the RP thread, will be most welcome.

Sir Guy (aka CitadelSix / Geoff Buss) 


Last Updated ( Sunday, 10 January 2010 )
A Ghost Story of King’s Sleep
User Rating: / 4
Literature - Tales of Roiglan
Written by Gisoreux de Ponthieu   
Wednesday, 23 December 2009


even year had passed to the day -on the same ominous day our saviour Gilles le Breton was born so long ago- since the lord of the land, a cruel and avaricious man by the name of Jacques de Marlais, had died in a revolt of the people he had so unrelentingly extorted for his own greed, and finally to his own ruin. Having no heirs or living relatives the land was handed down by the sovereign into the care of the charge of the previous lord, a man who was his brother by rites of marriage, Pierre d'Aide Avare. True to his guardian, his was an even more harsh rule; the revolt bloodily thrown down, heavier taxes, he even punished the household for their supposedly inability to safeguard their lord. All knights and family had abandoned him over the years -which he did not rue: for now he had less mouths to feed. And now, being an old bitter man, he would reach a cornerstone of his life.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 24 December 2009 )
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Sculpting A Dragon
User Rating: / 11
Hobby - Modelling
Written by sausage assasin   
Tuesday, 01 December 2009

Please note that this article merely instructs how I sculpted my dragon and know that you can do yours in whatever manner you like.  Now, before any construction ensues, you need a LOT of greenstuff (My dragon consumed about three or four rolls.).  I would refrain from buying this from the Games workshop website because there it’s hardly worth the price as well as shipping and handling.  Instead, peruse your local hobbyshops ( I found impressive amounts of greenstuff being sold for only $5.00 apiece at a woodcarving store.) or E-Bay, where I’ve found large quantities for sale at dirt-cheap prices.  There are also alternative putties to greenstuff that work just as well.  For instance, brownstuff is sturdier and good for solid understructures, and greystuff is softer and helpful for details.  Ideally, one with a project as ambitious as this would possess all three, but I’ve found it quite maneagable to get by with only greenstuff.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 20 January 2010 )
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The Round Table of Bretonnia turns four years old!
User Rating: / 2
The News - The Round Table News
Written by Guillaume le Courageux   
Sunday, 20 September 2009

textedit_80.pngYes, it's that special time of the year again. The Round Table of Bretonnia celebrates its fourth anniversary! Just in time, we have almost 3000 members registered. That number will probably be reached during the celebrations within the next weeks.

As the tradition was established over the last years, there will be a painting competition, writing competition, and more. Watch this announcement and the Main Page for updates!



Last Updated ( Friday, 30 October 2009 )
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[unofficial] Brigands - the Bretonnian scout unit
User Rating: / 5
Tactics - Unofficial Rules
Written by Rafael de Bois et Guilbert   
Tuesday, 15 September 2009

I always thought that the Bretonnian army should have their own scouting unit. So after taking some inspiration from older army books (1991 and 1996 ones to be precise) I dare to post my own version of how such unit could look like:

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 04 January 2012 )
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Robert von Bergen
User Rating: / 5
Tactics - Unofficial Rules
Written by Sir William   
Friday, 26 June 2009

Sir Robert von Bergen is 220 points. 

Sir Robert is rules a small fief near the Grey Mountains. His lands are often threatened by orcs, so he spends his summers leading a small army against them in the mountains. One summer, Robert was walking to a stream and encountered a bear. He managed to lure it back to his camp with some food, capture it, and "tame" it. It has now become his constant companion in peace and in war. 


Last Updated ( Sunday, 02 August 2009 )
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