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Unleash the Full Power of Bretonnia. Deployment, construction
Tactics - Unleash your Full Power Tactica
Tuesday, 27 September 2011

For the 2nd part of my tactica I desire to give an overview about how the game plays in different phases and how to prepare for it. 

Again this is to help you play a better game not to limit you to my tactics and my observations.  This section is to give you an idea how the flow of battle goes and how you should deal with each section.

As with many things keep in mind that nothing survives contact with the enemy and remember this is just a guideline.  Keep your wits around you and keep your plans fluid.  Also play your own game, keep your opponent guessing and don't become predictable.

For the LADY!


Last Updated ( Friday, 30 September 2011 )
Unleash the Full Power of Bretonnia. Bret units
Tactics - Unleash your Full Power Tactica
Tuesday, 27 September 2011

This is a guide to help people get more from their armies.  I wrote this to help people get a quick overview of how to play a better game by giving some tactics and discussing how each of the phases of the game should be played.

It is my hope that this helps new players get their footing in the game and hopefully become a better player capable of competing even at a tournament levels.  I also hope that it can serve as a bit of a reminder to old veterans to help raise their level of gameplay and show that things can be very deep and complicated.

 What this is not intended to do is to be an absolute word on all things Bretonnia.  This is to get your foot in the door and give you a solid base on how to play the game.  It is YOUR job to take the army and make it your own.  Do not let this trap you into just playing what I recommend.  Take some tips but develop your own tactics. Play your game, not mine.

Lastly... Have fun!  We are playing a GAME.  Games are supposed to be FUN!

 This section is dedicated to the the units in our armyand what they can be used for and what they can do.

For the LADY!


Last Updated ( Friday, 30 September 2011 )
Questing Chronicles. V Reprieve
Literature - The Roth Saga
Sunday, 14 August 2011

The Roth Saga



The pristine white dove perched on one fragile pink hued leg. With infinite care the delicate beak preened and cleaned the already immaculate feathers of it's right wing, which was lifted overhead to better access the finer feather quills. It paused from it's fastiduous ministrations to pass eyes of liquid jet across the mossy floor of the stone circle. With a sense of anticipation growing within the exquisite bird, it began to tread back and forth across the ancient standing stone on which it stood. Small coo's began to sound from the tiny throat of the dove as it's head bobbed in eager anticipation.

Last Updated ( Friday, 26 August 2011 )
Questing Chronicles. I
Literature - The Roth Saga
Wednesday, 15 June 2011

A tale of the venerable Lord Roth, in his ever continuing search for the Grail.

The Roth Saga.

Questing Chronicles.I.                                                                               

 Part I.


 The sleeper awoke to darkness, heart hammering, ears straining and muscles tensing. With an almost impossibly swift motion the figure which lay upon the mossy carpet of the forest floor had scissored his legs and used the momentum to rise into a crouching stance. Alarmed at the sudden movement a huge steel grey warhorse tethered to a nearby beech sapling began to whinny and toss it's mighty head to and fro in excited anticipation. Oblivious to the frantic actions of the mighty warhorse the figure sent his senses out into the night to seek out the cause of his rude awakening. 

Last Updated ( Sunday, 10 July 2011 )
The Food of Bretonnia
Background - General Background
Friday, 13 May 2011

The Food of Bretonnia

Dedicated to the memory of my cat, who Morr took this Friday, May 13th of 2011. A fitting tribute, as he was a great lover of food (particularly if it wasn‘t his and nobody was watching).

1. General clarifications

Greetings and thank you for your interest in my ramblings!
I have based this article mostly on the book Essen und Trinken im Mittelalter (Food and Drink in the Middle Ages) by the legendary (all right, by a historian‘s standard) Professor Ernst Schubert (if you speak German, READ IT!), as well as the combined background from 5th and 6th edition (including most miniatures). I have no doubt that further publications by GW could well contradict what I‘m writing here, but from a scientific viewpoint (and what we have on background so far), this is probably very close to what we can expect Bretonnian cuisine to be like.
A note of caution, though: I have to admit that I‘m changing quite fluently between "our“ real Earth history and Old World history. I hope that this is not too confusing - should any need for clarification arise, please do not hesitate to tell me so!

Last Updated ( Monday, 27 June 2011 )
Story of Sir Ulfius
Literature - The Chronicles of King Mislav
Thursday, 14 April 2011

Few weeks ago i was asked to write a story for our local warhammer league. The story plays no significant role in the league itself, but i thought it would be good to translate it and publish it here.

It has a Bram Stokery ring to it, mostly due to the diary form and the vampire thematics. I think all else is explained in the story itself. 


Personal journal of Ban Mislav the First of the Bretonnian HInterlands
13th of April, Imperial Year 2535.
Crac D'Aigle, Bretonnian Hinterlands, Dukedom of Gisoreux, Bretonnia

Inset 1: The letter

Most regarded Ban, Your Highness
I write to you, while, I do not know to whom should a soul turn when everyone had abandoned it. I do hope I'm not wasting your precious time  come here and you will die  with this letter. But as time passes, I am ever more certain I will rip your heart out and feed small pieces of it to your descendents over the course of centuries that the task i have taken upon myself to fulfill might prove too difficult for me. I see you. At the moment I am traveling towards Nuln, with the box with me. All is explained in the diary which i have sent you along with this letter. I will dive into your bowel like a mythical giant and devour its soft tissue and life juices. I hope my letter reaches you in time. I have sent my best pigeon carrier. As you read this, I am digging your grave.
Greetings and thank You for your help


Last Updated ( Friday, 15 April 2011 )
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