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Welcome to the Round Table of Bretonnia!

bigletter: This is the meetingplace for all Bretonnian Generals in the Warhammer World. Come, and sit among peers at the Round Table, join the discussions, browse the growing library of articles or take a look at the masterpieces in the gallery!

Join now to take part in our community and the Heralds will know your name and Heraldry, it takes just a moment and all details you want can be filled in later.

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The Peasant Tactica
User Rating: / 54
Tactics - Tactica
Written by Joan of Arc   
Wednesday, 18 January 2006

Over the last 6 month I have been playing exclusively a peasant themed Bretonnian army and have been very successful with it. I have finally taken an opportunity to put together an in depth tactica aimed at proving that peasant’s not only are a fun army to play, but also a highly competitive army. As always feel free to disagree with anything written here. Also please let me know if you see any mistakes and I will correct them. Please send me a PM, I'd love to hear from you.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 19 January 2006 )
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Morning of Mourning
User Rating: / 3
Literature - The d'Ascoyne Archives - Tales of the Sentinel
Written by The Marquis dAscoyne   
Monday, 16 January 2006
Last Updated ( Tuesday, 17 January 2006 )
User Galleries
User Rating: / 2
The News - The Round Table News
Written by Guillaume le Courageux   
Wednesday, 11 January 2006

As often desired, e.g. in this thread, and as it was at our "old home" Earl Cadfael's, each user has now his private Gallery. There is no change for you when uploading images into our Gallery, and you can still browse it by category of the miniatures.

Instead I programmed a PlugIn for the user profiles. To see a User's images, just click the Gallery-Tab at his profile. You are being redirected directly there by using the linked name at each picture in the Gallery. 

The Seige of White Bridge
User Rating: / 3
Literature - The Ascension of Caelem-Du-Fonsac
Written by LordCaelem   
Monday, 09 January 2006

“Milord all is lost the bridge has fallen!”

Gasped the exhausted runner.

Lord Tarien sat on the Ivory Throne of Cal-Thurin facing the exhausted messenger, who was splayed face forward on the expensive patterned carpet. Sweat had begun to pool around the runners knees turning the rug a deeper shade of blood red.

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 10 January 2006 )
The Best Laid Plans of Rats and Men
User Rating: / 10
Literature - The Ascension of Caelem-Du-Fonsac
Written by LordCaelem   
Tuesday, 03 January 2006

The timbers of the trebuchet creaked under the strain of its load, its mighty stone weight carved with an image of the grail hung ominously above the heads of its motley crew of peasants. The men stood together in an uncomfortable silence as their liege lords were bowed in prayer.

Slowly as the knights rose the peasants began to relax, assured that their protectors were once again blessed by the Lady’s fey magiks in the defence of their lands.

Last Updated ( Saturday, 07 January 2006 )
End Game
User Rating: / 1
Literature - The d'Ascoyne Archives - Tales of Bretonnia
Written by The Marquis dAscoyne   
Thursday, 22 December 2005

When one's life has been spent as father, friend and defender of the Realm, one thinks to live forever.

Behold the Pale Rider approaches

Last Updated ( Friday, 23 December 2005 )
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