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New Rumours for Bretonnia (1 viewing) (1) Guest
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TOPIC: New Rumours for Bretonnia
CaptainClark (User)
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Re:New Rumours for Bretonnia 6 Years, 6 Months ago
I love the fact that the two armies that came out straight AFTER us in 6th, need a new book more in 8th. (though, I can't deny it in the case of the Wood Elves, and the Ogre Kingdoms were ALWAYS a poorly thought out gimmick)

Tomb Kings are older then us and probably do need a re-think.
Dwarves could do with one too (Dwarf gunlines got massive power boosts. Dwarf combat armies just became laughable.)
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Re:New Rumours for Bretonnia 6 Years, 6 Months ago
People rumor-mongering on warseer are placing their money on Bretonnia being placed on the backburner untill 2012. This makes more sense, as GW themselves have said they will be changing their army release model, and in doing so, scheduling for armies will change.

Less army books a year means more frequent model updates for armies who still retain large sections of metal models, and there have been multiple rumors about a dual questing / grail knight plastic kit to be released as a suplement in our "waiting" time.

As far as when down the road we get a book, I would love to see a moving shrined war machine, ala screaming bell, (As many many other players have brought up), that can be pushed by our peasents and give a area of effect bonus. Only problem with this is that peasents are not allowed to worship the lady ... so why they would be pushing her symbol on a massive cart, and not their lords, would take some working in.
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Jangus (User)
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Re:New Rumours for Bretonnia 6 Years, 6 Months ago
That would be brilliant! Not our book being updated in 2012! But plastic kits, that would be greatly appreciated.
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LeeRain (User)

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Re:New Rumours for Bretonnia 6 Years, 5 Months ago
Sounds...unlikely. Three armybooks at the same time. This has never been done (excluding the Ravening Hordes Booklet).
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