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The defence of Grimmenhagen - a poem from the Storm of Chaos PDF Print
Sunday, 23 October 2005
This poem was written as a kind of battle report during the Storm of Chaos. An Empire player and myself, using the Errantry war list, teamed up in defence of Grimmenhagen against a combined force of Beastmen and Clan Eshin Skaven. Due to the Skaven player's special rules the battle took place at night but as you can infer from the poem's end it didn't help them much.

Twas in defence of Grimminhagen

against the foul Beasts and Skaven

Lord Aodhan and his host of knights

were rudely wakened in the night

And with our allies, lined for war

against the fast advancing horde.

If foes can’t wait for light of day

then mount-up men! we’ll make them pay!

And all our forces knelt and prayed.

Though fast advanced the mighty throng

of evil foemen quick and strong

the moonlit sky was filled with light

as flaming arrows blazed in flight

and fell among the howling ranks

whilst fast our men moved up the flanks.

The Errant knights so strong and brave

sent many beasts back to their caves

and those that fought, down to their graves.

And like their cousins off at sea

the evil rats began to flee

When thund’rous hooves and lances bright

were turn’d against their tainted might.

The few who tried to stand their ground

were by our forces trampled down

And with the coming of the dawn

the foul foe were dead or gone,

our men rode on their battle won!


So quake in fear ye beasts of wood

when facing ‘gainst the force of good

lest after our battle prayers,

our swords and lances split your hairs

and heads from shoulders parted be

as we charge forth to victory!

These days are many valiant deeds

done by the sons of Bretonni

Sure never were such knights as these!


-Sir Hillier

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