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Wednesday, 19 October 2005
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The Marquis had an opinion
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 Now the Relique Movement swept over Bretonnia like a summer storm with all the sounds and displays of a good thundetstorm.

Now understand that the good Marquis d'Ascoyne likes his little piece of heaven in the Carcassonne.  As Lord Proctor of the Gavenie district he protects both the living and the dead. Apparently the Grail Pilgrims forgot this important informnation when they arrived at the Sentinel looking for the bones of a good knight to rever and rally about.

The Marquis gave audience in the Great Hall near the Grand Balcony and-

 "Tis a ghoulish business this!" and the Steward ducked as a chair sailed over his head and out the window of the Grand Balcony.


 "Bloody Hells and Brimstone, what have we become?" The visitors to the d'Ascoyne tract were backing up towards the door. There were nine, all battle pilgrims and all white as a sheet.
"You come here to ask if I have a-" and here the Marquis' voice thundered deep and foreboding, "donation to your order?"

 Now the room was being filled by Lady d'Ascoyne, Richelieu the Standard Bearer, Lady Gandolfyn and numerous servants. Wide eyed with terror, no one could remember the Marquis so enraged at home.   "You would disrupt the sleep of worthies of whom you are not fit to touch even the hem of their surcoats?!!"   He paused to gain his breath and some of his composure. Lady d'Ascoyne knew how he felt about the relique movement.
She looked at the visitors and shook her head.   Lady Gandolfym looked at the visitors and arched an eyebrow.   Cobina entered the room holding the shattered thrown chair, surveyed the situation and sat down on the wreckage, balancing on the one remaining leg as she leaned against a wall.. She asked the nearest servant "Have I missed anything?" and the servant responded "Well, m'lord hasn't thrown the guests out yet."
Drawing himself up to his full height, hands on hips he looked directly at the leader of the visiting company. An affable grin slowly spread across his face. Rather like a wolf flirting with a lamb.

"As you can plainly see, I do NOT embrace the recent trend of hauling around the bones of famous knights."

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