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Monday, 17 October 2005

The orc may wander without fear
To raid the country far and near.
They will not ride, those knights so bold,
For brave Sir Robert has a cold.

The dragon in its mountain cave
Fears not the darkness of the grave
But sleeps in peace on bed of gold,
While brave Sir Robert has a cold.

The wolf may leave its hidden lair
To prowl among the fields and scare
The sheep that cower in the fold,
For brave Sir Robert has a cold.

The people in their beds do tremble,
The wealthy and the poor and humble,
For who'll protect the young and old
While brave Sir Robert has a cold?

But when we see tomorrow's sun,
Perchance the vict'ry will be won,
And deeds of glory will be done,
When brave Sir Robert's cold is gone!

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