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Sunday, 16 October 2005
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The Tale of Sir Orin, chapter iv. Sir Orin the Knight
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After defeating the Lahmian vampire, Lady de Clements, Sir Orin returned to �lfinfort as a knight of the realm. Sir François welcomed him back and announced a feast in honour of his knighthood. The feasting lasted for two days and two nights, and Sir Orin was granted the lordship of the Maiden's Hythe, on the river near Chateau de Morceaux.

Sir Orin accepted this living and was soon established in the castle at the Maiden's Hythe. The proximity of the lists at Chateau de Morceaux gave him ample chance to improve his jousting and to prove himself against the other knights who went there and soon he was highly respected for his martial ability, even among those who contended that one born and raised in the Empire could never be a true knight of Bretonnia.

In addition to jousting, Sir Orin fought many times by the side of the Baron of Slowmouth, on the far bank of the Morceaux, against incursions of greenskins or rat-men that came down the Slow valley from the heights of the Massif Orcal. The baron saw his worth and admitted him to his councils of battle, where he learnt much of strategy and tactics.

It was at the great Tournoi de Giselles in 2482 that Sir Orin came to the attention of the Duc de Quenelles. Sir Orin competed hard and, although he was bested before the end, won much honour that day. The Duc inquired of him to Sir François, and was much impressed on learning that he was but 24 years of age and had come to Bretonnia only six years previously. He remarked that a young man like that, fluent in both Bretonnian and Reikspiel and valorous in battle, would be most useful in his court - Sir François immediately offered to send Sir Orin too him.

Thus it was that Sir Orin was offered the chance to join the household of Duc Tancred de Quenelles. He seized it eagerly, for although he relished the chances to distinguish himself in battle or tournament that came to him as lord of the Maiden's Hythe, he was still young and was bored by the many other tasks of administration and maintenance that fell to him. These, he thought, he would avoid in the Duc's entourage, whilst being even better placed to win himself martial glory.

Yet Sir Orin found that he did not wholly escape these duties, for he was often asked to assist the Duc in the preparation of letters to the Empire or in the greeting of guests from that land. As he grew older, and wiser, he saw the necessity in this and that he had talents in these areas as well as on the field of battle, yet it was ever in the lists of Quenelles that he preferred to be, or leading an expedition against the Skaven or Orcs, or the growing menace of the Undead.

In 2490, Duc Tancred made Sir Orin his Seneschal, a position of great honour to be given to one so young. The menace of the Undead in the Grey Mountains was still rising, however, and Duc Tancred knew that Sir Orin shared his hatred of their unnatural enemy. Soon, however, the Duc realised that Sir Orin could be even more useful elsewhere, and plans were made to send him to Altdorf as the Ambassador of Quenelles in order to coordinate action against the Undead with the armies of the Empire. This would also allow Sir Orin the opportunity to deal with his 'unfinished business' in that city.

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