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Saturday, 08 October 2005
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The Petain Treachery
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The body of Agravain Le Maunge was delivered to the hangman, who dragged it to the scaffold, and there hanged it.    Marquis d’Ascoyne appealed to Duke Huebald and Tribunal to next combat Simon Petain himself, for great was his outrage at the villainous Baron.
The Duke denied the appeal.    “Thee are wounded Sir knight”, he said, “thou has thy victory;  Baron Petain will be stripped of rank and holdings of which a percentage shall be given unto you.  .  Petain shall be branded and  shall be turned out of the land and allowed to beg for his sustenance in the hope he learns humilty and goodness.”
For Petain it was a fate worse than dying.  The Marquis accepted what the Duke had said..  He approached and fell on his knees: the Duke  made him rise, and ordered one thousand gold to be paid him that very day: Sir Hercule, after thanking the king and his lords, went to his lady and kissed her: they went together to make their offering in the church of Nôtre Dame, and then returned to their home.
And of Petain and the Widow of the Marquis brother?  She had sequestered a small fortune away in Estalia and they left Bretonnia to live out there days there.  Never again did Petain attempt entry in the Land of Chivalry and the mere mention of the name d’Ascoyne sent him into fits that lasted days..


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