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Saturday, 08 October 2005
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The Petain Treachery
The Path to Ruin
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Trail By Combat
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Baron Huebald brought down his gavel once and the rising pandemonium vanished.  “”Baron Petain, your champion will meet the Marquis in the yard in one hour”   Petain smiled and looked at his giant champion.   Petain spoke, “Tis a sad thing this, when a man’s innocence must be decided by combat.”    The gavel dropped a second time.  “Such is the Law of Nobility, Petain, the audience is over.”  And the Baron left the Chamber.

 We shall get to the trial by combat  shortly.  What happened to the other conspirators, you ask?

 Baron von Kimmerling  returned to the Empire and summarily executed there for treason.

 Baron Benedict Villachaize made a full confession in writing, was visited by the youngest d’Ascoyne and that evening  hanged himself in his cell.

 Sir Hector LaMesieur,   turned out from Bretonnia in disgrace.  Dies in combat with unknown assailant

 Baron Rothamund, turned out from Bretonnia in disgrace.   As LeMessier, dies in combat by unknown assailant.

 Francois le Breton was found mad as a march hare, gibbering in his chambers, his hair white as snow.  He had suffered a similar  malady as the Marquis d’Ascoyne.

 Lady  Stephanie du Bonaparte,  disappeared. Thought to have escaped to the lands of Araby with her retinue and small fortune but not before being scarred for life by an unknown assailant, experienced with knives.

 Her niece is left behind and put into a brothel.  She is searched for and found by Roland Richeleau who takes her to Parravon and the castle of Earl Cadfael.  She is fully restored and absolved of any crime against the family du Bois Guilbert.


As for Baron Petain-

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