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Saturday, 08 October 2005
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The Petain Treachery
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And so 12 days after the event of the Marquis Madness an investigation was begun at the Court of Baron Huebald.  All members of the d’Ascoyne family and Lady Gandolfyn wore Black and this put the minds of the conspirators at ease.     After lengthy questioning and repeated denials of any plot, the conspirators were confident of an early release.

 It was Baron Villachaize who sealed there doom.  He stood up to address the tribunal and asked could he please leave as the prosecution did not have a case and that by the colors of the d’Ascoyne family, the monster Hercule Achille du Bois Guilbert had met his rewards as well.

 Cobina looked at Villachaize.  “He is mine” she whispered to her sister and AndreaLyn nodded.

 Lady Bonaparte’s niece was terrified.   She seemed to be catatonic with her eyes staring blankly into space.  Andrea noted that she was trembling, ever so slightly.  A pang of pity struck AndreaLyn, for the girl was not quite 15 years of age,  She vowed that were the girl coerced into her actions, she would plead leniency.

 When Lady Bonaparte spoke tearfully of how the false accusations had adversely affected her niece who would need time at an abbey.  She tended to overplay the Part., thought Cobina..   Lady Dianne leaned forward and whispered “and she is mine”.  Both daughters looked with awe and disbelief at their mother.

 AndreaLyn shrugged her shoulders.  “Well that leaves me Rothamund , LaMessieur and Kimmerling, which is fine.”  She really wanted to duel all three at once and show them what righteous anger could accomplish.  Baron Petain requested that this hearing be closed that he could attend to other, more important matters.

 A familiar voice filled the halls  “M’Lord Baron Huebald, I request the right of trial by combat to the death against one Baron Simon Petain for the crime of plotting to weaken the defense of the western Carcassone Borders.”   It was the latter charge that brought the Tribunal’s heads up, for it was a charge of Treason.     Ascoyne Hercule Achille du Bois Guilbert, Marquis d’Ascoyne and Lord Protector of the d’Ascoyne Tract and Upper Gavenie river strode into the room.  His whole demeanor showed he had regained his wits, his strength and his desire for Justice.  He wore the Armor of Angilulf and the Lady’s Champion Sword..  He pulled his gauntlet off and made the challenge to Petain.      “Traitor I call thee for Traitor you are!”.

 Petain called for his Champion and a giant of a man stood up and looked at the Marquis with cold malevolent eyes.  The Marquis made an aside to his family and friends in the chamber.  “He’s big and dumb and quick work, then I shall have Petain.”  Lady Bonaparte could not believe her eyes and fainted,  Baron Viullachaize screamed “we are undone!” and prostrated himself onto the floor.  Von Kimmerling asked why he an Empirical Warrior was being detained and fell silent when he was informed that for any part he played in the plot against d’Ascoyne he would not be punished, but escorted into the hands of the Empirical Border Patrol on the far side of Axe Bite Pass.   Petain looked to the bailiffs who approached him, gave them warnings not to come near him and they escorted him from the chamber at a distance of two meters.


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