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Saturday, 08 October 2005
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The Petain Treachery
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“We must discover the events leading to the assault on Lady Bonaparte’s niece”  Baron Huebald leaned back and smile broadly.  “By the Lady,  the d’Ascoynes are a formidable family.  His daughters were just here with the results of their investigations.  He handed  the Prophetess three sheets of notes.  She read them and as her eyes narrowed, she asked Baron Huebald where the niece was now.

 The Baron responded she had left that very morning with her aunt, Batrons Petain and Sir Hector LaMesieur and  Baron von Kimmerling.  By the arch of her eyebrow, Baron Huebald knew something was up.  He concluded by saying others had left two days ago, including Baron Villachaize and Baron Rothamund.  The prophetess made a simple request.

 “Arrest  Petain, Villachaize, LeMesiuer, Kimmerling and Lady Bonaparte and her niece.  Especially the niece.l” and without pause Baron Huebald made it so


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