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Saturday, 08 October 2005
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The Petain Treachery
The Path to Ruin
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The  Path to Ruin

All villains, male and female may think themselves intelligent and that the law is weak, but the Law is unforgiving and pursues relentlessly those who break its bonds.

One afternoon Petain listened to a conversation about the Marquis d’Ascoyne.  As he listened he formed a plan for disaster.  A plam that would bring his dreams to reality.  Present at his manor in Montfort  were Baron Villachaize,  Sir Hector LaMesieur, Baron Rothamund.   Another villain named Francois du Breton, the famous herbalist physician,  who was more sadistic than Bourvil  and finally Baron von Kimmerling an ex Empirical  General living near Montfort.  Villainy is not the dominion of males as Lady du Bonaparte, a voluptious red haired beauty who was no stranger to intrigue.  At least three good nobles killed themselves for what she had uncovered.    This left Stephanie du Bonaparte, youngest daughter of Lady Bonaparte, but still innocent, somewhat..

“”d’Ascoyne is lucky, he fails in two endeavors and yet triumphs in the Carcassonne.”

 “Now stay your words, the man is generous to both Crown and Country.  It is for nothing he is called the Carcassonne Innkeeper.  “True his conduct at Court-“

 “Is reprehensible!”  This was Baron Villachaize speaking.  The Baron was too easily upset by the mere mention of the d’Ascoyne name.  “By the gods, he is a duddyhead, a provincial charmer, he hath not the breeding nor the carriage of a Marquis of the Realm!”

 Petain suggested that the Marquis was, after all, an ancestral title and even with a few victories on his record , the Innkeeper had not earned the right to walk amongst the gentry.

 Lady Bonaparte, whom up until this time had remained silent as a mouse suggested the man was simple minded, but she was ignored.  She waited a bit, for she knew how to plant weeds in a garden.  She suggested that perchance the old man was unfit as he had exhibited signs of melancholia and lunacy.  This stopped all conversation at the table.  Smiling she continued.  Consider what was well known at  Court:

 He was said to dance with the Pixies and admitted to the act.  He  spoke bluntly to many and recently appeared to be insensitive to those ignorant,  He was seen muttering to himself in public and actually walked his desmane in the guise of an old merchant.  She went on and on and when she was done had sown enough poison to kill a forest.

 Petain carved up most of her arguments with the truth, but left the main body of her argument hinging on the Marquis mental stability.

 “We need but one witnessed incident, something at a place where Liege Lords gather-“


“Like the wedding of the son of Sir Aiden the Brave”, suggested Villachaize and was given a warm embrace by Lady Bonaparte.  She excused herself for she had little time to prepare an ‘incident”.


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