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The Petain Treachery PDF Print
Saturday, 08 October 2005
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The Petain Treachery
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Trail By Combat
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Not all enemies of Bretonnia have green skin, nor do the have scales and tails, nor repeating bolt thrower, nor undeaed.

Some of the greastest enemies of Bretonnia are human and many of these are Bretonnian.

When a warrior becomes a sell sword he loses rank, status and respect, save from his own kind.

In Bretonnia such activity is considered traitorous.  At least by the d'Ascoyne family

What  makes this tale unique is that is based on a factual trial by combat which occurred in the 13th century.


Throw a pebble into a still pond and you get a small splash and lovely ripples.  Throw a rock and you get a bigger splash and more ripples.

When the Marquis d'Ascoyne, well satisfied that the larks had completed their labors of soiling the official Empire version of the Storm of Chaos [see Breakfast at the Sentinel], sent the damaged parchment to the Empirical Court the impact was one of profound laughter by many.

After the laughter there was some reflection and in truth many Empirical nobles decided to honor the debt owed to the Bretonnians with trade agreements and even relinquishing Empirical claims in  some of the lands in The Marches of Couronne.

Conrad von Himmler was not one of those so affected.  Conrad von Himmler, Armament Chief of Himmler Forge found the letter not funny indeed.   Conrad von Himmler decided to Scheme against the Marquis d'Ascoyne and so contacted Bretonnian nobles who were adversaries to both the Marquis and many members of the Cadfael Court.

It must be said that although these chronicles have told the stories of the men and women of the d'Ascoyne tract and some on the Cadfael Court, nothing has been written of their adversaries.  Not the adversaries of Green Skin, nor those Undead abominations from the desert lands, nor the Lizard folk, Beastmen or Ratmen nor followers of Chaos.

I speak of human adversaries.  Bretonnian adversaries.  For although Bretonnia is a land of Chivalry, it does have its share of villains.   Some are very outspoken, criticizing the members of the Cadfael court and walking to the very edge of the precipice whereby challenges could be made and met and settled once and for all.   The cowards never crossed that line.

It must be further understood that some of these unworthies had all the intelligence the Good Lady gave to a head of cabbage.

Chief amongst these rascals was the Baron Bourville of the Couronne Marches.   Many of his activities tweaked the noses of  Abbot Rhoderic and Baron Loben, amongst others.  Bourville considered his actions sport, an entertainment.  A cruel man with sadistic tendencies, Bourville lived in splendor outside of  L'Anguille.

In the Middle of Bretonnia was the Duke Gastone du Romaine.  Greedy. Land Grabbing, his only thoughts were to expand his holdings and his treasury.  He had the manners of a pig but lacked the creatures intelligence.  He weighted 18 stone and stood but 5 feet 1".   He once spoke rudely of the family of Earl Cadfael.  Earl Cadfael rebuffed the little ogre with the comment that he [du Romaine] was in perfect shape.  Round.  As a ball of cheese.  Of course, du Romaine took umbrage at the statement and silently declared a road of vengeance upon the Good Cadfael.    Both du Romaine and Bourville were emboldened by their petty successes and confident in their own minds of their greatness.

South, in the Carcassonne, was the Baron Bendeict Villachaize.  He had little holdings and  was envious of the Marquis d'Ascoyne and to a lesser degree the holdings of Georgal of Entraglia.     Recently Villachaize acquired an ally in one Baron Simon Petain, of  Montfort.  The worst of the covetous Bretonnian Lords, Petain had orchestrated the take over of the Maritime Banque and also the du Bois Guilbert Shipyard by seducing and marrying the widow of the Marquis’  younger brother.  The woman was near as greedy as he.

Over the years Baron Petain had spies send him all manner of gossip and  scandals regarding the men and ladies of the Court.    He spread rumors like soft cheese on bread all the while cloaked in his respectability and 'honor'.  He had large holdings in Lyonesse and Bordeleaux.   He extorted favors, blackmailed the weak and revelled in his infamy. He was a gambler of high degree and a thrill seeker.  Twenty eight years younger than the Marquis d’Ascoyne, he wanted the man crushed to oblivion.  His trophy rooms were filled with the biggest and best trophies including those won by his Champion Agravain leMange, "la Bête de Gisorex".   Le Mange had never been defeated in combat and left his adversaries crippled or dead.

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For technical and legal reasons, the Round Table of Bretonnia has shut down operations. For inquiries and questions, please contact the admin at webmaster@roundtable-bretonnia.org
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