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Saturday, 08 October 2005
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The Tale of Sir Robert, chapter iv. In the Heart of Altdorf
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After their battle with the Orcs on the borders of the Empire, The Bretonnian force under Sir Orin Neville-Smythe escorted the surviving monks from La Maisontaal to Nuln without further adventure. The Taalian abbey of Nuln was not in the city, but a short journey outside, surrounded by thick woodland. The local abbot was very grateful to suddenly have many more mouths to feed, but saw his duty to take them in charge until he could arrange for them to travel back to Talabheim. The Bretonnians did not stay long there before pressing on towards Altdorf, for the place had the air of the strange Imperial God which felt unwholesome and bestial beside the purity of the Lady of the Lake.

As they drew closer to Altdorf, Sir Orin recognised the tall towers of the Colleges of Magic. They towered above the grey haze that hung over the city, fed by the workshops and fires of the metropolis. His companions had never seen a city so large, one expressed the opinion that he hadn't thought it possible so many could live in a single place without fighting. "It isn't." Sir Orin replied, with a grin. This city had been his home for five years, it was where he had changed from a boy to a man. It held terrors for him, but unlike the terrors that some of the others were facing he knew what his terrors were, he could even put names to some of them.

They grew closer now, smaller towers could be made out through the haze, and the masts of ships in the docks could be seen. He wondered if the monks they had escorted were now in one of those ships they could see, tossed about on the waters of the Reik and crammed below deck like animals. He was glad they had ridden. He pointed out the Palace of the Prince of Altdorf to Sir Robert. "It doesn't look very big." the young man said, but Sir Orin corrected him, pointing out that they were still a long way off. It was big, it was just that Altdorf was much bigger. He told him that the Prince of Altdorf was the Emperor, but because the Emperor was chosen from one of the Elector Counts every time the old one died, the title could change lines. This meant that there was no Imperial Palace as such, although people sometimes referred to the Prince of Altdorf's palace by that name as the Princes had been the Emperors for over a hundred years now.

The Bretonnians reached the city gates around nightfall and made camp for the night, as the gates were now shut and it was unlikely they would be opened for foreigners. The next morning they were approached by a formation of Reikguards, sent out to see if they were friend or foe - mad as it would have been to attack Altdorf with such a small force, the Bretonnians had a not undeserved reputation for such madness when it came to overestimating their chances in battle. Their captain issued a challenge in broken Bretonnian, to which Sir Orin replied in fluent Reikspiel. He conversed with the Imperial soldier for a while, before telling the Bretonnians that they would camp outside the city for a few days to replenish their stocks and then proceed towards Axe-Bite pass, and home.

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