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Friday, 07 October 2005
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After the Ceremony
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Cessation of wars oft brings times of celebration and Bretonnia was no exception.  The King had decreed that for one month Bretonnians would celebrate the Victory over Chaos;  pay tribute and respect to the fallen; to giver thanks and worship that the Horror was no more.  Members of the Cadfael Court were gathered to receive the Medal of Valor from the Empire and many a noble accepted the symbol of a Great Wolf in Silver graciously.   After the day long ceremony it was time to celebrate individually.

The Marquis d'Ascoyne did not like to celebrate alone and so he set a plan in motion that would make ripples for weeks to come.

 After the Ceremony

 He arrived at mid afternoon, complaining how standing in full battle dress was complete torture for such as he.    His wife made inquiry as to details and he said “  There I am standing before the King, along with many heroes and this old chamberpot [the Marquis’ word for Chamberlain] goes on and on and on and on and we are given medals by the empirical ambassador and honors and titles and just before we all collapse, the ceremony is over.

 She had, long ago, given up asking for details as to fashion, gossip, and other feminine needs.  She shook her head and sighed.

 He  said “Why publicans do not consider the plight of warriors is beyond me.  My rump is still tender, my joints ache and tonight I and the lads are outing for relaxation.“

 There.  It was out in the open and said as if etched in stone.  He was off to the Festival with other nobles.”

 Lady d’Ascoyne, overseeing her itinerary for things to be done commented. “Tis your age, old warrior, you are not as young as you once were.”  No comment about his evening out.

 He cocked an eyebrow, The monster was stalking the corridors! Try a different approach.

 “I mean all of us, commoner and noble did our duty and after many died we celebrate and get a medal?”    His voice did not hide his ‘piety’. “It is so” and here he uttered a word with distaste, “Empirical”.

 His wife of many years completed checking her list, turned and faced her husband. “Milord, all Bretonnians, Noble and Commoner alike, rallied together to aid a county more a competitor than ally and defeated the powers of Chaos.” She shook her head and he noted that the grey had not started in the auburn hair that first caught his attention so many years before. She continued matter of factly. “More importantly you and your friends fought to save humanity from an evil dedicated to our enslavement.”

 She looked him in the face and gave that quaint little smile she always used when driving home a point of reason. He returned the quaint smile with the thought that although he loved her more now than ever before, the Gorgon was parading before him and he had to start his plan for that evening.   Throw her off guard with a subtle bribe.


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