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15. December 2018, 04:03 GMT



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10th Anniversary Joust PDF Print E-mail
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Written by De Rochefort   
Sunday, 27 September 2015

jousting-lanced-small.jpgAs part of our tenth anniversary, the Round Table hosts a Jousting competition. Participants have until the end of the (postponed) 
25th of October 2015 to send their entry for the competition. 

 To submit thier entry, Knights should register in the Joust Forum Thread with:


  • Their Name and Title
  • Their Coat-of-Arms
  • Their Virtue, according to the rules





The rules are based on the Full Tilt GW game and should be read through, but they are by no means identical with the above mentioned rules. Your Knight will be jousting one random adversary each round. The joust consists of three goes with the lance. After the three passes the winner is the one who scored the most broken lances on his opponent or unhorses his opponent. In case of equality, the knights shall make one more pass, until a victor is decided.

All Knights will be considered having Hero statistics in the tournament. This means that Knights will hit others on a 4+. The only exception is the number of wounds, namely 3.
A Knight's equipment shall consist of a set of heavy armor, a shield, three lances as well as a barded warhorse. It is, of course, against a Bretonnian Knight's code of honour to use any magic items in the tourney itself. This is a rule which no worthy Bretonnian would even consider breaking, for to do so would besmirch the Knight's honour and bring shame to his family.

Only one roll to hit will be allowed in each pass. If the to hit roll succeeds, the Knight will be allowed a roll to wound. All Knights will wound others on a 2+ with the lance. If you roll a successful hit with your lance and wound you are considered to have broken your lance even if the wound is saved. Armour saves will be made with a -3 due to the strength of charging with lances. This means that Knights will usually save on 5+.  A wounded Knight will be unhorsed on a further roll of 1,2 or 3(if wounded by a lance).

The tournament shall be fought à plaiseance, with blunted weapons. Wounds shall not kill the participants, and heal faster than wounds caused by weapons of war. Each knight that progresses to a further round heals only one wound (thus, if a knight wins a round and has suffered two wound, he would heal one wound until the next round).


Knightly Virtues

Bretonnian Knights are allowed one virtue (beside the Knight's-, Questing- or Grail Vow). The virtues have the following effects in a tournament:


  • Knight's, Questing or Grail Vow:Every Bretonnian Knight has one of these Vows, but they have no further effect on the joust.
  • Virtue of Devotion: This virtue gives a Knight an automatic lady's favour, entitling him to three rerolls. The rerolls will automatically be used for the first three failed rolls. 
  • Virtue of Discipline: A Knight with this virtue will get a +1 to his armour saves. 
  • Virtue of the Impetuous Knight: This virtue will allow the Knight to count his tactics choice as the choice above it in the list when it comes to deciding who strikes first. Example: If the Knight chooses to aim for the helm he would normally strike after someone aiming for the shield, but in this case their attacks will be simultaneous. 
  • Virtue of Knightly Ardour: This virtue entitles the Knight to a +1 modifier to his strength, thus lowering his opponent's save by one point. 
  • Virtue of Knightly Temper: This virtue entitles the Knight to reroll any failed to hit roll in the first pass of each round. 
  • Virtue of Noble Disdain: A Knight with this virtue will automatically disregard the first wound he suffers each round. 
  • Virtue of Purity: A Knight with this virtue will never use the Swipe or Dodge tactics but he will be able to reroll any failed armour saves. 
  • Virtue of Valour: A Knight with this virtue will automatically have a random lady's favour. The rerolls will automatically be used for the first failed rolls. 
  • Virtue of the Joust: A Knight with this virtue will never use the Dodge tactic, but will always have a +1 modifier to hit.


Lady's Favours


Before the jousting starts the contestants will parade before the assembled crowd. During the parade ladies might want to bestow favours on their favourite champions. Each contestant rolls two dice, if he gets doubles he will get a favour. The favour takes the form of a garment which the lady ties to the lance of her champion. The favours have the following effects:


  • Double 1s - Veil: This favour entitles the Knight to one reroll. The reroll will automatically be used for the first failed roll. 
  • Double 2s - Wimple: This favour entitles the Knight to two rerolls. The rerolls will automatically be used for the first failed rolls. 
  • Double 3s - Kirtle: This favour entitles the Knight to three rerolls. The rerolls will automatically be used for the first failed rolls. 
  • Double 4s - Girder: This favour entitles the Knight to four rerolls. The rerolls will automatically be used for the first failed rolls. 
  • Double 5s - Garter: This favour entitles the Knight to five rerolls. The rerolls will automatically be used for the first failed rolls. 
  • Double 6s - Tress: This favour entitles the Knight to six rerolls. The rerolls will automatically be used for the first failed rolls.





The joust is conducted in rounds. In each round the contending Knights make a number of passes to decide the winner. Each pass is started by choosing one of the following jousting tactics. The tactic chosen will decide who strikes first and might also bestow other bonuses. Contestants choosing the same tactic will strike each other simultaneously.

1. Aim for Shield: This tactic allows you to strike first.
2. Aim for Helm: This tactic gives your Knight a +1 modifier to his strength, thus lowering his opponent's save by one point. He will strike before an opponent aiming for his crest, making a swipe or a dodge, but he will strike after an opponent aiming for his shield.
3. Aim for Crest: Knocking your opponent's crest off counts as two broken lances. You will be at -1 to hit and can never wound or unhorse your opponent. If you hit the crest it will be knocked off on a further roll of 4, 5 or 6. This tactic allows your Knight to strike before anyone making a swipe or a dodge, but after anyone aiming for the shield or helm. Note that each Knight only has one crest and that after it is knocked off it will no longer be an eligible target. Crests are however mended between rounds..
4. Swipe: This tactic is acceptable, but not considered very honourable. It will give you a +1 modifier to hit. You will strike after anyone using tactics 1, 2 or 3, but before anyone using a dodge.
5. Dodge: This tactic is defensive and you will strike last. It is considered dishonourable and will probably bring down hisses from the crowd. Your opponent will get a -2 to hit modifier and you will get a -1. This tactic can just be used once per round. A Knight using this tactic twice in the same round will be disqualified from the tournament for cowardice.



Last Updated ( Tuesday, 20 October 2015 )
Discuss (10 posts)
10th Anniversary Joust Sep 28 2015 06:03
This thread discusses the Content article: 10th Anniversary Joust

Hello Lords and Ladies,

welcome to the tournament for the 10th Anniversary held here in The Round Table.

As one of the founder I wish to thank you all valiant knights that bring high the name of our Land and keep honouring us with your presence.
I am hosting this tournament per the King's orders.
We love a good story line, and I think that we all do a great job here writing about the trials and tribulations of our character...so keep it up during this tournament!
Please write here if your character wants to join, and include a small story and physical characteristics for your character.
Please post also an image of your Coat-of-Arms.

Let's keep this board for the story, and results!

P.S.....The King WILL be in attendance!

Re:10th Anniversary Joust Sep 28 2015 15:46
I shall join! I must first send my herald to fetch my Nephew to fight in my stead!
Re:10th Anniversary Joust Sep 28 2015 18:31
My character, Lord Mattrim Cauthon would like to register.

He is a tall dark haired individual with broad shoulders. He is famed to be very lucky and a capable military commander. He is often seen with a fox-head amulet and spear engraved with falcons. He also wears a wide rimmed black hat. He hails from Artois and has a foxhead crest on his helm.

Olvar his squire gives his heraldry

he has the virtue of knightly ardour.
Re:10th Anniversary Joust Sep 28 2015 21:44
Sir Marquis Burnart Sauvaige who hails from the Forest of Arden.

Crest is a Dragon.
Re:10th Anniversary Joust Oct 07 2015 19:13
It will be an honour to joust alongside all of you! Of course I will participate, I am freshening up on my lancing skills as we speak.

Re:10th Anniversary Joust Oct 13 2015 20:32
Sir Philippe of Parravon runs onto the tourney grounds, stumbles over his own feet, gets up only to fall down into the mud. Gingerly he gets to his feet, while trying desperately to regain some dignity.

"Am I in the right place for the tourney?", mumbles the mud-streaked minstrel while holding up his shield.

EDIT: Virtue of Devotion
Re:10th Anniversary Joust Oct 15 2015 02:18
Sir Christoph, deep in thought while striding through his gardens on his trusted horse Bucefelaus, was looking into the trees that were blowing in the warm fall breeze. The colors were starting to change the countryside from a deep green to beautiful red and orange hues. He loved this time of year. His horse, looked up as a rider approached in the distance. Squinting, Sir Christoph could recognize the outline of his most trusted squire.
Armond, dressed in his lords colors, raced up to his side holding parchment with a red seal on it. He handed it quickly to his lord.
"A message my lord, from De Rochefort!"
Sir Christoph broke the seal, and started to read. A smile arose upon his face, and a glimmer was in his eyes. A glimmer that Armond has not seen in a very long time!"
"Armond, pack my things, and shine my armor! We are jousting again!"
Both lord and squire sped off to the castle, knowing that there is finally going to be some excitement back in their lives!

Sir Christoph Tetreaux
Virtue of the Knightly Temper
Aim for Helm first round
Re:10th Anniversary Joust Oct 15 2015 06:37
Sir Aldryk, The Questing Knight. (And a long quest he has had)

Sir Aldryk has the Virtue of Discipline !

Along the long winding road came Sir Aldryk, riding a top his black charger. This knight wore battle hardened armor and many pieces of his gear were scratched and dented and were seemingly in need of great repair. He appeared to be a man of the country, and was unshaven, unkempt, and had a very homely look to his appearance. However, despite his wild appearance and the state of his damaged armor Sir Aldryk was tall and strong and he rode upright in the saddle as his horse proudly trotted along. At his side hung his shield, covered in scratches and slash marks.

Behind him riding on their miserable and dirty ponies came two wretched looking peasants. The first was dressed in old and scummy leathers, was bald, and his nose hairs were quite too long. He was carrying a tattered banner. The other, who was missing an eye and wore a patch like a pirate as well as donned a strange feathered hat from the Empire towed along with him a cart carrying the majority of the Sir Aldryk's gear.

Sir Aldryk, the Questing Knight, who had for many years ago taken up the Quest had still not yet completed his Quest. Although he would not allow his posture to betray his inner feelings, deep within him there was a lingering grief that he would never fulfill his duties as a questing knight and honor the Lady. Before his quest, he had lead groups of Errant-Knights and Yeomen in the name of his superiors in Brionne, and had fought off various greenskin invaders and ratmen hordes. When he felt that he could be something beyond that of a landholding Gallant-Knight, he decided to take up the Quest.

He had traversed both Bretonnia and the Empire, righting wrongs and fighting terrible foes, but not once did his efforts seem to get him closer to the end of his Quest. He had long ago vowed to abandon everything, save his equipment and faith, but even all that he took with him was slowly deteriorating.

He hoped that through this tournament he could earn some form of direction, or a sign ! He had always been looking for a sign! Some form of message or image from a damsel or Lady that would finally lead him to the end of his long and weary quest. Long had he stayed within the comforts of a Bretonnian castle or keep, but as he rode into view of the tourney grounds his heart lifted slightly. An honorable and noble competition against fellow knights of the realm! Perhaps this is what he needed in order to continue faithfully on his quest!

It would soon be time to joust!

Re:10th Anniversary Joust Oct 16 2015 14:22
My Nephew enters the fray!

Sir Viriathus Di Asturien

Virtue of Discipline
Re:10th Anniversary Joust Oct 19 2015 15:37
(A knight rides up to the tourney organizer. His armor was in good condition but had obviously seen combat. His eyes were filled with a tightly reined in fury which seemed to have infested his bristly mustache. He displayed his shield that bore a black and white heraldry that displayed a keep upon a rocky mountain.)

"Oi! Listen here you glorified peasant, I'm Sir Gerard of the iron crags. I've come from the borders of the orc infested vaults of Carcassonne at the Baron's order.

Should've sent someone from that cowardly Brionne duchy from the looks of it. I've been slaughtering orcs when most of these milksops were still suckling at their mother's bosom. That's assuming that they've even grew out of it, haha!

Now write me down for this tourney so the king can see why Carcassonne is the only duchy worth it's title. Be quick about it or I'll personally throw your sorry backside into the pig mud that you peasant louts wallowed around in when you were nasty lil' ankle-biters!"

Knight of the realm with the virtue of knightly temper.
There are too many comments to list them all here. See the forum for the full discussion.

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