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15. December 2018, 03:34 GMT



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10th Anniversary Painting Competition (2015) PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Guillaume le Courageux   
Wednesday, 09 September 2015

shield_painting.png As part of our tenth anniversary, the Round Table hosts its famed painting competition. This year, you can upload your submissions until the end of the 21st of November 2015 (GMT) in the category "Anniversary Painting Competition" of the Gallery. To participate, just upload the image in your Gallery User Panel and choose Anniversary Painting Competition as category.

This year's motto, open to your interpretation, is "The Eternal Spirit of Bretonnia in a New Age". You can follow that motto with your submission, but you are not forced to. In the judging process, bonus points will be awarded to submissions following the theme.


The Rules

  1. Each member may submit at most one submission in the main category(=character, unit, scenery, or even drawing)
  2. For the main miniature category, you should upload more than one picture showing your submission from different angles. However, please don't upload more than three images per submission. You can combine multiple pictures (e.g. with different perspectives or details) into one image file using an image editing program like Gimp or Photoshop. The better the lighting and qualtity of your pictures and the more you show of your miniature, the better the quality of your miniatures can be judged!
  3. As with the rest of the gallery, upload only pictures of your own miniatures. All submission must have been painted by you (and not, for example, a painting service).
  4. Your submission must be related to Bretonnia.
  5. Bonus points will be awarded for following the contest theme
  6. Your submission must be a new one, i.e. you may not have submitted it to the gallery here or elsewhere in the past. It's OK if you just uploaded it to our gallery recently, just move it to the painting competition gallery then.
  7. Please do not vote for the images in the Anniversary Competition until submission is closed. After that everybody can vote for their favourites. The jury will consider the votes when reviewing the submissions.


Question? Use the discussion link below!

Last Updated ( Sunday, 01 November 2015 )
Discuss (10 posts)
10th Anniversary Painting Competition (2015) Oct 27 2015 20:07
This thread discusses the Content article: 10th Anniversary Painting Competition (2015)

Here's a reminder that the original deadline (end of this month) is approaching. I'm saying "original deadline" since we're considering an extension, particularly because we have received only one submission so far. Anyone preparing a piece for our painting competition and in need of more time?
Re:10th Anniversary Painting Competition (2015) Oct 27 2015 22:59
My Lord Guillaume,

I'm planning to submit an entry, I just had an issue with an ink not being delivered. I'm hoping to have my submission in by Friday evening. I have just thought of one question however, I've been posting WiP pictures of the mini in my Army Log does that mean I can't submit it as an entry?

Your servant,

Charles Marchand, Lord Caerluel 4th Marquis de Cumbri and 1st Duc de Rheged.
Re:10th Anniversary Painting Competition (2015) Oct 28 2015 08:43
Milord Guillaume,

I'm intending to submit a small diorama piece that will reflect the "Spirit of Bretonnia".
I would really appreciate a little more time to guarantee that I can get it finished in time.
Would you allow me perhaps until midnight (GMT / UT)on 1st November, or would that be too much to expect and for which to ask?

Your humble servant
Sir Guy des Bontemps
Re:10th Anniversary Painting Competition (2015) Oct 29 2015 06:42
Hmm, I notice that the rules say that a drawing would be sufficient. Would a sketch be acceptable for this competition? I would try to finish my models for it but my free time is woefully little and I can hardly get time to work on them.

@Sir Guy, sounds interesting! I second the need for more time so that your diorama can be shown in the competition.
Re:10th Anniversary Painting Competition (2015) Oct 29 2015 20:18
Thanks for the feedback, everyone! We all want to see more great models (and sketches) participating, so the deadline will be extended by 3 weeks. This should be enough time for everyone to finish, and also for one or another new contestant as well.

The new deadline will be November 21st. Don't miss it!
Re:10th Anniversary Painting Competition (2015) Oct 29 2015 20:20
That's great to hear!

You can't rush art.
Re:10th Anniversary Painting Competition (2015) Oct 29 2015 21:53
"Old" Grail Knight with great sword. Finished the horse awhile ago...finally got to the Knight!
Re:10th Anniversary Painting Competition (2015) Oct 29 2015 21:57
Damn you flood protection.
Re:10th Anniversary Painting Competition (2015) Oct 30 2015 07:44
Milord Calard,

That is an amazing piece of artwork!
It must have taken you hours of effort and almost unlimited patience.

Your humble servant
Sir Guy des Bontemps
Re:10th Anniversary Painting Competition (2015) Oct 30 2015 07:47
My sincerest thanks for the extension, Milord Guillaume.
I will certainly have plenty of time now to have my entry completed in time.

Your humble servant
Sir Guy
There are too many comments to list them all here. See the forum for the full discussion.

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