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15. December 2018, 03:45 GMT



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The Round Table Needs You! PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Uther Di Asturien   
Sunday, 09 August 2015

chat.pngAs we sail past over a decade of service, the Round Table has seen its halls and buildings grow far beyond what one had thought possible! 

Unfortunately, the needs of maintaining the infrastructure to ensure every Knight and Lady suffers no want have also grown far beyond what we all had expected, as such, we once again turn to you, our members, to support the board once more lest it fall into darkness!

In other words! Our running costs have escalated to around 350 euros per year for both server hosting and registered domain names. Unfortunately at the current rate of ad revenue this means we will fall short of the required amount by around 72 euros at the end of the year when the hosting bill is due. 

As such, if you find that you have copper, silver or gold to spare, do consider contributing to the Round Table's maintenance costs! Any amount is greatly appreciated and will earn you a spot in our supporters list!

The PayPal donation button can be found here and on the left side of the Main page and Forum!

Thank you all,
-The Round Table Staff  


Last Updated ( Sunday, 09 August 2015 )
Discuss (10 posts)
The Round Table needs you! Nov 16 2007 15:47
Donations are what keeps this great community running and Ad-free, and so far it worked great. We thank all the donators who supported the Round Table!

After two years running and a previous server upgrade ensuring faster response times, the Round Table once more needs your support. The current level of donations is not enough to pay the server fees of ~10? a month for the next year.

You can donate worldwide any amout you wish by using the "Paypal Donate" button at the very top right of the site. Unfortunately, due to PayPay restrictions, you need to register a paypal account first, which is free (only the receiver pays fees). If you live in Europe and Germany in particular, you can also contact me to donate by bank transfer.

Thanks in advance! If there are any questions - be sure to ask!

Edit: Yes, that's Euros, unfortunately

Post edited by: Guillaume le Courageux, at: 2007/11/16 18:26
Re:The Round Table needs you! Nov 16 2007 17:13
is that $10 US or 10 Euros?

edit: ether way, i sent some in. hope it helps offset.

Post edited by: pervavita, at: 2007/11/16 18:22
Re:The Round Table needs you! Nov 16 2007 18:45
The Round Table calls for our help brother knights!!!
I'll answer its call.
This site is too good not to support it.
Re:The Round Table needs you! Nov 18 2007 15:41
My Champion and his retinue did a circuit of the villages and towns in my realm and my subjects joyfully donated to this great cause.

Peasants joyfully donating to the cause
Re:The Round Table needs you! Nov 18 2007 16:27
Let it never be said that Alain de Montgallion failed to do his duty.
Re:The Round Table needs you! Nov 23 2007 13:38
Thank you all for your contributions so far!
Re:The Round Table needs you! Nov 26 2007 16:59
Come on Knights! We must all support what we love!
Re:The Round Table needs you! Nov 29 2007 09:59
i honestly skipped right over that paypal logo.. good thing you made this post it probibly would have taken me longer to donate due to the fact that i am aparently blind.
Re:The Round Table needs you! Nov 29 2007 11:26
How do you think if could be improved? Should it stick out more? That's the (new) standard PayPal button. But you're right, it blends in too well with the colors.

I could use the old one:

or, provided I have some more time, design a special one just for us.
Re:The Round Table needs you! Dec 17 2007 13:57
Leave it as is....

Hope that helps a little.
There are too many comments to list them all here. See the forum for the full discussion.

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