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Wednesday, 05 November 2014

My entry for the 2014 Literature competition.  A chanson related by the famed peasant-minstrel Kevin the Low.


The year of our story


harsh was the winter

that had just arrived


when out of the forest

came half-human cries

declaring vile vengeance

and speaking in lies


the beasts they assembled

spear, fur, scale and maw

a great wulfen champion

their head, at the fore


they surrounded our village

and murdered my sire

then lit up their torches

and set up a vast pyre


the men they assembled

in dark village square

and tied them together

and left them to prayer


then from the horizon

a clarion call

our lord come to save us

rode from his great hall


his lance it was golden

his tabard pure white

the beasts ran in terror

to see such a sight


the wolf beast, it saw him

advanced at a run

our lord didn't waver

indeed, cried "what fun!"


the snow started falling

and lay on the ground

and on the beasts body

and made not a sound


"It's over" said our Lord

a smile on his face

"the rest I'll catch later"

"My men will give chase"


and this all my children

is why it is right

to pay our Lord's taxes

to keep safe at night


for what good does coinage

or grain, corn or wheat

if dead lies your body

worms feast on your meat.


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