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Tuesday, 04 October 2005
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Storm of Chaos
Chapter II Zundap
Chapter III - Fort Shippel
Chapter IV - The Schoppendorf Gallup
Chapter V - Just before the Battle

The Storm of Chaos came out of the Northern Wastes tay destruction to the Empire and the Empire, realizing the size of the threat called  for help.

Bretonnia answered that call from King to commoner, Bretonnians of every rank rallied to the Cry of Distress.

Earl Cadfael's Court  was foremost in response.   Space precludes listing each and every member who rode out to impede the Chaos hordes and crush the Threat rolling acoss the Eastern neighbor.  For if the Empire crumbled, Bretonnia could be next.

These are the war stories of the Old Campaigner, the Marquis d'Ascoyne.

Chapter I    Departure

She watched the Marquis leave with his forces and oldest daughter.    So many times have I done this, she thought to herself, and now the waiting begins for his return.  Lady d’Ascoyne turned away from the parapet and gathered her ladies.     She gave her orders;  Lady Gandolfyn to be notified of the Marquis’ departure.    The roads would still be patrolled.    Remaining peasants to work the fields, two in three to be plowed under until the army’s return, ordering of dried foods and salted meat from Brionne and Quenelles.  

She looked about the fortress and it was in good array.  Lady d’Ascoyne had been surprised by how many peasant bowmen had come to the Sentinel when the call to arms had been issued.  She found her Seneschal and ordered the smithies to forge weapons and the fletchers to make bodkin arrows,  the boyers to craft new bows.  These orders were accomplished before the last Sentinel warrior had disappeared over the Northern horizon.

She had no tears, for she was confident he would return as he had done so many times before.  He would make safe his daughter and that was it.  She went into the Pantry to find a large rat eating grain.  She was not amused.    “No one steals from the du Bois Guilbert family!’ and she produced a marvelous throwing dagger from her sleeve and in one movement threw it.   The rat was transfixed behind the neck and died quickly and without a sound.

As she retrieved her knife she looked about to see if anyone else saw the deed and there was no witness.   “Oh husband, if thy only knew the warrior you married…”    She laughed and cleaned the dagger, then disposed of the rat’s body.

Within the hour she was in the Map room and studying the map of the Empire.   “Zundap.  Where is Zundap?”  Her fingers ran over the map and when she found the town she said,  “What a small little insignificant town it is.”

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