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Server maintenance tomorrow (Sat. 21st) PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Guillaume le Courageux   
Friday, 20 December 2013

textedit_80.pngThe server hosting the Round Table will undergo maintenance during the day (GMT time zone) on Saturday, 21st of December. As a result, the site may be temporarily read-only or completely inaccessible. Behind the scenes, I will transfer the Round Table to more powerful server hardware, which will result in faster response times overall. Thanks for donating and clicking our advertising banners, which enables this upgrade!


Update: The site was successfully transferred to the new server.


Last Updated ( Saturday, 21 December 2013 )
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Server maintenance tomorrow (Sat. 21st) Dec 20 2013 16:16
This thread discusses the Content article: Server maintenance tomorrow (Sat. 21st)

Heads-up for the maintenance tomorrow on short-notice. Just don't be surprised if you can't access the Round Table for some time tomorrow. Hopefully all works out smoothly and the downtime will be only short.
Re:Server maintenance tomorrow (Sat. 21st) Dec 21 2013 14:39
I successfully transferred the site to the new server, after some initial problems due to new versions of the underlying software (now fixed). I am still adjusting the configuration, so site performance should gradually increase over the next hours.

After this step is completed, next on the roadmap are updates to the site software itself (CMS, Forum, Gallery...).
Re:Server maintenance tomorrow (Sat. 21st) Dec 21 2013 14:59
Yay, and congrats!
Re:Server maintenance tomorrow (Sat. 21st) Dec 21 2013 18:05
And it was done quickly too! Yaaaay!
Re:Server maintenance tomorrow (Sat. 21st) Dec 21 2013 19:48
Well done, smooth switchover!
Re:Server maintenance tomorrow (Sat. 21st) Dec 22 2013 09:12
Congrats and thank you - not just for this maintenance, but for all the work you do behind the scene that we will never know about (ironically because you do such a good job)
Re:Server maintenance tomorrow (Sat. 21st) Dec 22 2013 10:21

There was just a small problem with some posts being rejected, as reported here. Let me know if anyone encounters other issues!

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