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15. December 2018, 03:35 GMT



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Anniversary Literature Competition 2013 PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Guillaume le Courageux   
Tuesday, 29 October 2013

anni7big.pngAs part of our eighth anniversary, the Round Table hosts its traditional literature competition Participants have until the end of the 10th of December 2013 GMT to upload their specific entry for the competition. Upload your submissions to the ‘Literature’ section. Choose ‘Anniversary Literature Competition 2013’ in the category (Entries will be accepted from today on).
(NB: If you haven't submitted a story yet, you should ask Guillaume le Courageux or Uther Di Asturien the clearance to be able to post new articles).

This year will feature the motto Peasant Rebellion. You can follow that motto with your submission, but you are not forced to. 

If you want other members to proofread the first draft and listen to their opinions in order to build the strongest story, you are free to create a thread to discuss your story in the subforum ‘The Hall of the Bards’. Keep in mind though that only submissions to the 'Literature’ section count and you cannot change it anymore (at least until after the competition).
Also don’t forget that you can read last year’s entries in the ‘Literature’ section: search in the annual ‘Anniversary Literature Competition’ category.

The Rules

Each member can submit at most one submission


  1. Your submission must be related to Bretonnia and be set entirely in the Warhammer World.
  2. Your submission must be a new one: i.e. you may not have submitted it to the literature section here or on another website in the past. Plagiarism will not be tolerated!
  3.  The story should at least be one page (+/-1000 words) and at the most three pages (+/- 3000 words) long.
  4. Please use a standard font (Times New Roman 12, Calibri 11 or use the default font styles in the Editor when sending in the article), standard interpunction and interlines.
  5. It should be a stand-alone short story with no ties to other stories.


Here are the five criteria the Judges will base themselves on to grade your submission:


  • Creativity (20): How creative and fresh was your story? Did it enthral the reader or was it more like a newspaper article? Another damsel-in-distress story or a true ballad of heroism? Does the story have a certain depth or is it a walk from point A to point B?
  • Theme (10): Did you you follow the theme / topic of the competition in your story?
  •  Readability (10): How well written was your piece in fact? Was it a smooth read or was the reader's experience hampered by too many interpunctions, degradations and so on?
  • Consistency (10): Does the entire story add up or is the reader lost in the many contradictions? No plotholes or does the character's colour of hair change with every page for example?  Is the usage of tenses correct or does the writer change between past and present?
  • Correctness (10): Is the story conform with the rules set out for the competition or did the writer choose his own path at his own risk?  
The Staff of the Round Table wishes the inspiration of the muse to you and good luck. 



Last Updated ( Saturday, 18 October 2014 )
Discuss (10 posts)
Anniversary Literature Competition 2013 Nov 27 2013 15:49
This thread discusses the Content article: Anniversary Literature Competition 2013

Just out of curiosity, who is planning on writing up some short story goodness for this year's Literature Competition? It seems like the number of participants has been declining in recent years. Reading every entry is truly a treat, and I hope we get some old reliable writers and fresh faces submitting stories by December 10.

I'm about a third of the way through the story I want to submit, but hope we get lots of other tales from this! Many Table Members rank among the best fluff/fanfic/original writers I've encountered on the interwebs...hoping you all are as hyped about the competition as I am!!
Re:Anniversary Literature Competition 2013 Nov 27 2013 16:03
Im not hyped as there hasnt really been that much of a buzz as of yet, I dont mind writing a tale. Is there a word limit?
Re:Anniversary Literature Competition 2013 Nov 27 2013 17:32
1,000 word minimum, 3,000 word maximum, as per the instructions. I feel like the Anniversary celebrations are pretty low key this year, and would love to see us put a crazy positive spin on things. This really is a great site, and I'd love to see the old enthusiasm from a couple years past return.
Re:Anniversary Literature Competition 2013 Nov 27 2013 17:46
Ye know I will be there anyway.

Gots to defend me title dontcha know!
Re:Anniversary Literature Competition 2013 Nov 27 2013 18:26
It's doubtful anyone will be able to take the gold from your grasp, Lord Roth! Your originality is always a pleasure for the eye to read. SOOOO ridiculously glad you're offering up another entry this year
Re:Anniversary Literature Competition 2013 Nov 27 2013 20:21
Got to love reviving enthusiasm! #cough#midsummerstourney#cough# It's a bit of a suicidal move if Roth is partaking but i'll give it a shot, what is the deadline?
Re:Anniversary Literature Competition 2013 Nov 27 2013 20:43
December 10 is the deadline. I'll look into the Midwinter Tourney as well. Got a CRAZY month of December, but I'll make an attempt to fit it in!
Re:Anniversary Literature Competition 2013 Nov 27 2013 21:05
Its already begun check out the thread on Last commented on box, december 10th it is then
Re:Anniversary Literature Competition 2013 Nov 28 2013 13:24
Is this really for stories written entirely new since the competition was announced?

About a year ago I posted part of a very rough draft of a story here on the forum, and then in the many months since I have re-written most of it and added a lot more. This competition might be a good incentive to get back to work on it after Novel November finishes - but it's not entirely new. And no one likes cheating!

What do you guys think?
Re:Anniversary Literature Competition 2013 Nov 28 2013 15:39
As long as you haven't submitted the story to the Literature section here or on another site, you should be fine. If you wrote a story ten years ago but never posted it anywhere, you could use that without any issue. That's what I've gathered from the rules, at least.
There are too many comments to list them all here. See the forum for the full discussion.

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