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Thursday, 07 February 2013
The Knights of Truth is the tale of my Bretonnian Lord, Artius Aerulian, Marquis of Northern Quenelles and his Bannerman, Baron Caldir of Bastonne, Artius's faithful battle standard bearer and childhood friend. A lot of my future fluff will come from the escalation campaign I am playing with a few friends which will see my Lord go from a Baron on the Quest to a Marquis who has supped from the Grail. I am far from a professional writer, so I apologize in advance as my work will likely not be the same caliber as some of the amazing stories I have seen posted.

The Knights of Truth - Knights Errant

Artius is the son of Baron Tam Aerulian, who held a small keep on the Western end of the River Brienne. His young summers were spent playing in the river Brienne and was always accompanied by his best friend Caldir they played on the outskirts of the Fey forest. Caldir’s father Kelethin had been Baron Aerulian’s battle brother for years. While they were both on the quest for the holy grail Kelethin was struck down by a minotaur. And though he slew the beast, his wounds were too deep and the lady wasn’t able to save him. Kelethin made Tam promise to raise his son in the ways of knighthood so that he may one day take on his hereditary title in the southern regions of Bastonne.     

The two boys were playing on the outskirts of the Forest of Athel Loren, though being warned to never enter the forest as the Fae folk who lived within the forest would be as likely to snatch a young noble and murder them as they were to lead them to safety. Despite the numerous warnings from his guardians, Artius once strayed from this advice. Caldir had carelessly run into the forest despite Artius’s pleading. Artius gave chase and before long the boys found themselves lost and in the present of a cave troll. The monstrous creature smashed its giant club towards the Caldir but Artius fearlessly attacked the troll and stabbed it in the chest with his sword. The distraction slowed the attack just enough for Caldir to get out of the way. Arrows whizzed by overhead as they pincushioned the beast. The Fey folk had come to their rescue, but there was an unmistakable air of tension as the boys were led to the edge of the forest at bowpoint. From that moment Caldir swore an oath to Artius to bear his banner even long after he took his father’s title. And so the bonds of brotherhood that had been built over years were solidified and the Knights of Truth came to be. 

The two shared in their Errantry quest when a horde of beastmen began raiding villages on the outskirts of the forest of Chalons. The pair responded to the distress call sent out by the young Tyrell Dulac, heir of Dulac keep located just south of Chalons. All the young knights fought bravely and ultimately the battle was won when the beastmen herd was routed and fled to the forests. Unfortunately the battle took a toll, the keep was in ruin, Tyrell was severely wounded, and Tyrell’s sister, the Damsel Lyana, had been taken by the beasts. Tyrell was enraged but was unable to get out of bed much less mount his horse. The injustice did not sit well with Artius who swore upon the lands that he loved and the lady of the lake that he would hunt down the beasts and save Lyana. And so, accompanied by his loyal bannerman, seven other young knights, and a small peasant levy Artius led the small contingent into the heart of darkness, into the forest of Chalons. 

Knowing that the beasts lacked any notion of honour and that they had suffered a great deal at the hands of the knights, Artius knew that they would not be easily coaxed to battle. Were it not for the hard work of the yeoman in the party the hidden cave that the beasts took shelter in might have been missed. Knowing that time was of the essence orders were given to the peasants to kill any beast that fled the cave. The knights were left in reserve under Caldir’s command, ready to flank the beasts when they gave chase. Artius dismounted and entered the cave on foot. Fearlessly he strode in, his presence definitely known as he could feel the creature’s hateful eyes gazing at him. Ambushed, he fought with righteous fury and deadly accuracy. Ungor were slain by the handful as Artius deftly dodged arrows and spears, smashing an ungor with his shield and slicing another in two. The commotion was followed by the blasting of a horn. Artius heard a scream and charged towards the noise. There he found the bray shaman preparing to sacrifice Lyana at the foot of a bloodstained stone. Without hesitation Artius attacked and caught the beast off guard, slitting his throat with a deft strike and silencing his evil tongue. Untying her bonds, the Knight lifted her over his shoulder, strapped his shield to his back, and made for the entrance of the cave with all haste. From every deep dark corner of the cave the thunderous rage of the beasts could be heard as they stormed after Artius. Once out of the cave Artius bid one of the Yeoman to take Lyana straight to her brother. Moments after the remnants of the horde emerged and Artius bellowed a challenge to the beasts. As they charged single mindedly at the knight, several were felled by peasant’s arrows, one made it to Artius, and the others were crushed by the flank charge of Caldir and the knights. One knight was pulled from the saddle and had his head severed by the beasts savage blow, moments before the lance of another knight drove through the chest of the beast and found itself imbedded in its black heart. Artius fought the Bestigor bravely, but the beast did not lack skill. Several times the axe nearly cleaved his head off, but just narrowly missed. The beast picked up the knight and headbutted him, sending him to the ground. As he raised his axe to deal the killing blow Artius lifted his sword into the beast’s gut and held his axe with the other hand. Staring into the hateful goatlike eyes of the beast, Artius watched its wicked life end. 

Artius returned to Dulac Keep victorious. Only one knight and a few peasants had lost their lives, but the oath Artius swore was fulfilled. Lyana embraced him with the utmost gratitude and Tyrell welcomed him as a brother, swearing his sword to Artius’s cause forever more. A man of the people, Tyrell was well loved by the men at arms and other peasants of the land. Due to his injuries he was no longer able to ride a horse so he became a Paladin of the people, holding the battleline with the peasants, imbuing them with the bravery of his house. And with that Artius and Caldir had become Knights of the Realm.
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