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Anniversary Painting Competition 2012 PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Guillaume le Courageux   
Tuesday, 16 October 2012

anni7big.pngAs part of our seventh anniversary, the Round Table again hosts a painting competition. Until the end of the 10th of December 2012 GMT everybody can upload their submissions in the category "Anniversary Painting Competition" in the Gallery. To participate, just upload the image in your Gallery User Panel and choose Anniversary Painting Competition as category.

This year will feature a motto for the first time: The Errantry War. You can follow that motto with your submission, but you are not forced to. In the judging process, bonus points will be awarded to submissions following the theme.

For the first time, we also have an Open Category in the competition. Submissions in this category are not limited to modelling and miniature painting, but can be anything: Bretonnian art, paintings, drawings, renderings etc. You can submit these in addition to a painted miniature or unit. Read on for the rules and details.

The Rules

  1. Each member may submit at most one submission in the main category(=character, unit, scenery...) and one in the open category (=drawing, painting, rendering, ...)
  2. For the main miniature category, you should upload more than one picture showing your submission from different angles. However, please don't upload more than three images per submission. You can combine multiple pictures (e.g. with different perspectives or details) into one image file using an image editing program like Gimp or Photoshop. The better the lighting and qualtity of your pictures and the more you show of your miniature, the better the quality of your miniatures can be judged!
  3. As with the rest of the gallery, please upload only pictures of your own miniatures.
  4. Your submission must be related to Bretonnia.
  5. Bonus points will be awarded for following the contest theme
  6. Your submission must be a new one, i.e. you may not have submitted it to the gallery here or elsewhere in the past. It's OK if you just uploaded it to our gallery recently, just move it to the painting competition gallery then.
  7. Please do not vote for the images in the Anniversary Competition until submission is closed. After that everybody can vote for their favourites. The jury will consider the votes when reviewing the submissions.


Question? Use the discussion link below!

Last Updated ( Saturday, 01 December 2012 )
Discuss (5 posts)
Anniversary Painting Competition 2012 Nov 20 2012 21:44
This thread discusses the Content article: Anniversary Painting Competition 2012

A quick reminder that there are only about 10 days left till the competition deadline.
Re:Anniversary Painting Competition 2012 Jan 10 2013 09:23
I know there were only 4 entries (poor show chaps) but is any judging going to occur, for those of us that entered?
Re:Anniversary Painting Competition 2012 Jan 10 2013 09:55
Yes, judging is currently underway Results of the painting competition (together with the other competitions) will be presented shortly.
Re:Anniversary Painting Competition 2012 Jan 10 2013 10:33
Thanks for the update
Re:Anniversary Painting Competition 2012 Jan 13 2013 11:06
Judging is taking a little longer than usual, sorry for the delay. I know all of you are waiting for the results eagerly. We will have both competitions judged by most of our staff members to give you some fair rating, but most of us were busy in real life over the holidays and since the beginning of the year.

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