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Saturday, 31 December 2011

Fury burned in his hallowed eyes

Lady, curse this cowardly thief

Who took his trusted destrier

While he prayed his due to Her


In the fresh snow however

The tracks were clear for all to see

So he used those skill he learnt before

And commenced his relentless pursuit


Through dark forest the path weaved

Remembering him those that dwell

Outside the world's eye, in lawless places

His hand grips the hilt of trusted steel


Ahead coarse tongue broke the silence

A path crossing the woods he found

Foul greenskinn'd ambushed

Luckless travellers who had no chance


Foul creatures defiling their prey

Divine wrath coursed through his veins

A blurry of steel and green blood

And his foes lay dead in the soaked snow


The tracks however continued

Now joined by a woman's and steel boots

Hunting the poor maiden

Red blood betraying her fate


Not far he found the hapless creature

And sent him to a righteous death

The woman hid nearby

But the wound was fatal


Sorrow abound on this blessed night

However a tiny voice rose

From the chest of the mother

A newborn survived thanks to her courage


Recognising a sign from the Lady

He carefully took the little one

And its eyes seemed to know

Not a sound he uttered


Thus the knight raised the young one

As one of his own

True to the words of the Lady

And the land of Bretonnia


And great knight he became

A divine servant of Her will

Now a king but before a child

Born on the King's Sleep


Happy New Year, everyone! Come join us to celebrate the winners of the 6th Anniversary Painting & Literature Competitions!

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