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Tuesday, 19 July 2011
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Questing Chronicles. III
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The Roth Saga

Part Nine


The silence was broken abrubtly by a myriad of mixed laughter. Laughter as sharp as glass cracking, as guttural as the rawest throat clearing, as sibilant as the slither of any snake. The lord Roth stood defiantly in the circle of standing stones, awaiting his challenge

"The Decaying One has fallen....."The growling voice came from all around Lord Roth echoing and reverbating back and forth for long moments after the voice had ceased.

"As he was fated to do....."Came a new speaker, it's voice ever changing in pitch and accent.

"Who shall be next to face the human....."The growling voice demanded.

Several minutes passed in silence in which Lord Roth took the opportunity to sink to one knee and pray to the Lady.

"His web is in twilight...This human's fate was laid down eons ago......"Replied the ever changing voice now tinged with notes of surprise.

"What! How can this be?...We have been tasked to stand in eternal vigil of the Stones." demander the raw throated voice.

"Millenias have passed with us bound to this place. How could one of our number fall!....."The growling voice was now roaring in uncontrollable rage.

It's other worldly screams seemed to shake the very core of the stone circle itself.

"It isss true...thisss mortal iss fated to another courssse...one more important than the guardianssship of the Ssstonesss."Came a new sibilant voice to the converse.

"And what would you know of The Fates deciever...you who are made of lies....."Sneered the growling speaker.

"I know that we ssshall perisssh this day if we tessst the mortal....."hissed the sibilant one.

"Perhaps for the first time the Decietful One speaks the truth...The Changers plans for this mortal do not end here...which can only mean that he cannot fall here....."The everchanging voice spoke.

"Yesss,we must take our leave of the Ssstonesss...though it painsss me to do ssso...hss hss hss."

Lord Roth sighed heavily, he felt if some huge weight had been lifted from his stoic shoulders. He did not know why or how, but he knew that one of the speakers had departed. It's fell presence and evil essence, had simply dissapated into nothingness. It was truly gone.

"The Decietful One flees!....."Bellowed the growling voice in sheer fury.

"He has made his choice, Blooded One...as must we....."Reasoned the everchanging voice.

"And what shall be your path Formless One?...Will you flee from the fate of this mortal?.....Demanded the growling voice in outrage.

"No...i shall depart to see the ending of the mortals path...you may well kill him Bloodied One...but the mortals final fate shall not be here....ere...er...r."The everchanging voice faded.

"ROAAARGH!.....Flee...run from your tasks, You serve your masters poorly...as ever...I swear before the might of Khorne himself this mortal's skull shall be gifted to my master this very day.... I shall fulfil my task and guard the Stones!"

The Bloodied One descended to the material plane and it's raging essence began to possess the ancient suit of plate armour. Dark red blood began to seep from the rents in the archaic armour and somehow invigourate and animate the lifless husk. The joints and plates creaked and squeaked loudly as it rose to a standing position and raised its right arm to the sky. Lord Roth, with a prayer on his lips waited for the unnatural spectacle to be over with growing impatience. His body was trembling in righteous fury at the taint emanating from this evil entity, his disgust written plainly on his seething face.

Blood seemed to gather around the armoured right fist of the chaotic golem, and resemble the shape of a single bladed axe. The thick coating of blood began to coagulate and harden into a highly polished sheen, that shimmered in the dappled forest light. Finally a fountain of blood burst forth from the helms visor as the Blooded One drew it's first breath.

"Skulls for the Skull Throne!" screamed the the Bloodied One in benidiction to it's dark master.

Slowly the Bloodied One raised the blood encrusted axe it bore and pointed it towards Lord Roth.

"I have seen your skill mortal, i have seen your resilience, and your capacty for rage." spoke the Khornate champion.

"We are not so different mortal.....You and i are one and the same.....Fate alone has dictated our choices.....Know only that i am you and you are I." stated the Bloodied One with finality in it's growling voice.

Lord Roth took in his adersary's measure as he began to advance towards the animated armour.

"You see similarities where there are none spawn. Your presence has tainted these lands too long. It is time your existence ended filth."

At these words the servant of Khorne snarled in fury and leapt to meet the Bastonnian knight.

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