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Tuesday, 19 July 2011
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Questing Chronicles. III
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The Roth Saga
Part Seven

The armour was truly ancient, cast during the days of mankinds early ascension. Though once heavily decorated with wildly ornate designs, it was now worn, pitted and obscured by the relentless passage of time. The suit of archaic plate armour towered over Lord Roth, standing rigidly upright A cold, unaproachable sentinel. It stood guardian like within the centre of a vast stone circle, seemingly undisturbed for millenia. At the base of each of the mighty stone behemoths lay ruined, moss encrusted relics of impossibly old weapons and armour. As Lord Roth had came to the awesome monument, he had noticed the ancient arms bore the heraldry, crests and insignia of countless Dukedoms and fiefs. Their detail, histories and legacies stretching far back throughout the centuries. Wether a memorial to these fallen champions or shallow incedental resting place of knights, whose bodies lay where they fell, he did not know. What he did know,was that this was the final destination of his long and arduous journey through Chalons. He was meant to be here, as to what end, the ancient empty armour held the answer. With a prayer to the Lady on his lips he stretched his gauntleted hand to the rusting dog faced helms visor, and raised it open.


Peering into the deep darkness of the open helm he could discern nothing. It still stood as it may have always done, motionless and empty. With his eyebrow raised questioningly, he steeped back from the strange piece to scan the area intensely for any adversary. When he noticed that through the rusted fissures, cracks and breaches of the armour a green liquid began to seep to the surface. Suddenly the helms visor snapped down with a sharp clang, and the armour began to move. It raised it's arms skyward with a series of squeaking noises and jerking movements.The rusting, pitted helm rose up in silent suplication, as more and more green liquid began to well up through the armours integral flaws. A wet gurgling scream burst forth from the helm, spraying more of the foul liquid onto the moss covered ground; where it began to saturate the very earth with it's evil presence.The flowing liquid began to flow towards the armoured figures hands, where it followed some invisible path upwards. Before coalescing and seeming to harden and become a filth encrusted sword.

The Lord Roth felt his gorge rise at the stench emenating from this foulest of beings. Gritting his teeth he stepped forward towards this digusting abomination and drew the ancient and venerable broadsword of his noble line.

"Tainted and foul one, your presence shall not be tolerated within the sacred land of The Lady." roared Lord Roth in righteous fury.

The dread seeping creature seemed to notice him now, for the first time. Lowering it's festering gaze towards him, Lord Roth saw the red glowing eyes of his foe and the eternal malice behind the ceatures burning gaze.

"Come mortal." it wheezed wetly. "It beginsss again once more."

As the festering agent of Chaos raised it's weapon in mock salute, The lord Roth leapt to meet him. With his sword flashing wickedly in the sunlight, he bellowed.




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