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Friday, 01 July 2011
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Questing Chronicles. II
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The Roth Saga.

Part Six


 The watery rays of the mid-day sun filtered through the leafy canopy of the forest, casting dizzying displays of light to dance upon the mossy ground as the leaves blew gently in a westerly wind. For half a day the Lord Roth had travelled from the enchanted glade, seeking the force that had drew him so deep into Chalons primordial heart. The trees that grew here were truly mighty specimens, ancient and eternal they stood in silent vigil over their woodland realm.

 Lord Roth searched his surroundings with complete concentration, his eyes roaming with piercing intensity across this incredible landscape spread out before him. The forest was eerily silent, no birdsong could be heard emanating from the tree tops and no animals split the air with their shattering cries. The only sounds to be heard was the wind lightly blowing through the leaves and the creaking of the gnarled tree boughs.

 There seemed to be a break in the treeline ahead and to the left of Lord Roth, and with tiny movements of the reins and a gentle squeeze of his thighs he spurred Kalidus towards the gap. The thick ocean of moss that carpeted the forest floor dampened the sound Of Kalidus' hoofbeats as he bore his rider onward. The trees also began to thin out on either side of the horse and rider and light seemed to pour into the wood with greater intensity. Lord Roth felt his heartbeat quicken in anticipation as they pressed on, when suddenly Kalidus came to a complete halt. His brow wrinkled in confusion, as he tried to spur Kal forward without success. With a fluid movement Lord Roth kicked out of the stirrups and slide of the side of his steed.

 "What is it Kal? are ye hurt?" he asked of his horse who could only answer by looking to his master with it's large black glossy eyes.

 As Lord Roth began to bend down to search Kalidus for any signs of lameness or hurt, he was struck by a realisation. Stepping back he could see the mighty warhorses muscles strain and tense as it fought against an unseen force.

 "Easy old friend" he rumbled in his deep voice. "It appears i must face my trial alone greatheart."

 With exquisite care he removed the saddlebags and gear from his steeds wide, strong back and deposited them onto the ground. Next he removed the saddle and undid the cinches, this was also placed on the ground. From his packs he removed his broadsword and girded himself for battle, With reverence he removed his holy relic, the insignia of the quest from the saddlebags and kissed the blessed item before tucking it beneath his gorget. He left his black antler adorned helmet where it was and made his way to Kalidus' head. With a Lump in his throat and his eyes misting he reverently removed Kal's bit and bridle and placed this next to the saddle on the ground. When he arose, he took Kal's mighty head in his hands and rested his forhead upon his steeds.

 "Ah, my brave lad." he crooned soothingly to his trembleing mount.

 "We have been together through so much, i never thought we would have to part like this at the end." he whispered in a breaking voice. For an age they stood thus, Lord Roth gently stroking Kal's neck. When finally Kalidus had ceased to tremble and was beginning to calm, Lord Roth raised his head to look into his steeds liquid eyes.

 "Your the bravest and best of them lad, my truest companion." Lovingly he kissed the white blaze on Kalidus' forehead.

 " If i don't return...Live well boy, live well."

 Turning swiftly he headed towards the break in the trees, behind him Kalidus' mighty head was drooped down, and his ears lay flat upoon his skull dejectedly as he watched his master leave. Lord Roth left the glistening tears on his cheeks to dry in the wind as he made his way onwards alone to his destiny.

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