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Friday, 01 July 2011
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Questing Chronicles. II
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The Roth Saga.

Part Five


 Lord Roth was poised to strike, his muscles taught with tension and his face showing the strain of his complete concentration. With a flash of speed, his right hand darted through the clear flowing water to delicately grasp his prey.

 "Gotcha!" he exclaimed in his deep voice, "Another for the pot here Kal" he called to his faithful steed who was watching the ludicrous antics of it's master with total disinterest.

 With quick careful steps Lord Roth waded through the calf deep water taking care not to lose his footing on the smooth slippery pebbles that covered the small stream bed.

 "Ow! Ouch..ooh." he muttered under his breath as the creature in his hand began to liven up after it's abduction from the stream and nip and pinch unmercifully at the hand enclosing it. With even quicker steps the Lord Roth scrambled up the gravel bank, past his now snoring horse and raced to the small camp set up beneath the cover of a magnificent weeping willow.

 "Into the pot my aggressive friend, you have been cordially invited to dinner. Ha!" cried lord Roth and deposited the freshwater crayfish into the rolling boil of the water filled pot.

 "Ah, what a blessed bounty." whispered the ageing knight to himself as he lay down next to the fire to dry off before eating.

 It was now three days after the fight with the orcs and he was finally beginning to feel a bit better. Who knows how far Kalidus had managed to drag him that night, it had to have been a great distance for the tress were no longer Birch. All he remembered was waking to darkness and pain. And realising that something had to be done about the wound to his thigh that was still bleeding out. Luckily he always carried a store of kindling and sticks within his packs and was able to start a small fire to examine the wound. Realising it was worse than he had first thought, he added all the remaining wood to the fire and brought out the very last of his store of brandy. He had cleaned the area as best as he could with water but on inspection the cut was very ragged and the skin and flesh surounding the open wound too heavily bruised to stitch. His only option was to cauterise, and so poured his last reserves of brandy over both the thigh wound and his hunting knife which he placed in his small fire. Kalidus in anticipation, began to whinny and pace in concern as Lord Roth removed the glowing blade from the embers and brought the blade to bare upon his open flesh.

 On examining his thigh when he came to, he was greatly relieved. He had managed to stay conscious long enogh to draw the blade down the entire length of the cut and sear the wound closed perfectly. Still too weary to mount Kalidus, he had let his horse drag him onwards to new surroundings as the nature of the Quest did not allow a knight the luxury of spending too long in one place, even to heal. When he had finally awoke his eyes were met by a beautiful scene. A bubbling stream flowing swiftly over well worn rocky falls and outcrops. A wood of beech and willow, and a pale yellow coloured gravel bank at the bend of the stream.

 In awe, he had explored the glade. And with some difficulty due to his stiff leg, but had managed to find many edible plants. And on searching the stream in hope of finding fish, he had instead found a vast swathe of crayfish. He had quickly gathered some wild garlic and some sorrel leaves and had proceeded to make camp, after which he had stripped off and went crayfish hunting and had made a truly wondorous discovery.

 As the water of the stream fell onto the deep pool there was a large yellow boulder, which he was expecting to offer shadow and safety to those crayfish he was hoping to find massed there. Instead had found a Fleur d' lys carved into the opposite side of the stone. In rapture he had knelt in the water for an uncountable time praying to the Lady who had guided him to this enchanted place. When he finally stood and made his way to the lower pool he realised that his thigh no longer hurt and when he examined the area all there seemed to be was a very faint silver scar. Truly humbled he had returned to his camp and sat in contemplation as he sorted through the events that had transpired recently.

 Somehow without him to guidethe way, Kalidus had headed deeper into the forest from where Lord Roth had felt the presence pulling at him with ethereal hands to Chalons very heart. He now understood that it was no coincidence. His feelings, the skirmishes fought and the events that had occured upon his entering of the forest they were all leading him here, to this place and this moment. He knew that his being here in this holy place was a chance to approach his test afresh and healed. And ready to face what was there to be faced. And to confront his true purpose within this mighty forest realm.

 And so it was that he bathed in the crystal pools, washed and groomed Kalidus. Using oil and sand he polished his armour to a mirror finish, sharpened and oiled all of his blades, including the one taken from the orc boss. He had hunted, gathered and partook of the Lady's bounty. And now, he was resting. Soon he would be garbed for war and he and Kalidus would head out into the true heart of the forest and meet their destinies,

 He was ready.



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