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Saturday, 04 December 2010
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Meeting at the Pass of Laz
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With the local tournament in my gaming community coming up, I was required to write a background story to my army. The story is written as a description of a night when the Bretonnian lord needs to prepare his army for war in great haste. Through this mobilization, the lore of the land and of the units is described. I consider this a good sequel to my part of the literature section.
A lone castle stood on a hill, moonbathed lake beneth it, a wood around it, and hills around that wood, as an image from some, most typical, idelistic contemporary painting, found in the lounges and guestrooms of the old world. Enveloped in the calm winters night, apart from the kitchen in the basement, it was only through one of the windows, that the dim light from a dying fireplace broke through. In front of the same, afore mentioned fireplace, in an armchair cushoned with white velvet, sat a knight cloaked in a white and black blanket, bearing his coat of arms, with his mind lingering between the cold night and the distant dreams. His wife was sound asleep, while a small white and brown dog rested drearly beneth his feet. The storms of war, have subsided silenced by the beckoning of sleep. Hooves. Cracking of stone beneath the horses hooves did end this blissful trance, shattering his calm and waking him. Through a small window overlooking the gray mountains, the lord of realm, spotted an envoy making his way through the primary gate. 


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