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Friday, 23 September 2005
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Why do you torture me soâ?¦ sir
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I  stood in a rank of a thousand men standing as firmly as I could because if I failed to do that I wouldn’t even live to see the battle. Mud covered my face and my shield the sweat on my hand made my spear begin to slip but I held it with all my might for when it fell my life would end. I squinted past the horizon to see a blurred black line approaching. I knew what it was, it was my doom approaching and I only prayed that it would come faster to end my misery. Not wanting to stare at the horizon where both the setting sun and approaching doom blinded my eyes I turned away to see my lord riding his warhorse with great pride. He had the horse trot behind the men where he could make an easy escape if all went wrong. Although his helmet covered his facial expression I could sense fear in him in the way he gripped his lance then loosened his grip to only tighten it again, in the tightness of his fist as he held the reigns of his horse.

The eyes under his darkening visor must of seen me for he pointed his sword forward and at the same time in my general direction and yelled “Don’t you see the enemy you worthless peasant!”

I snapped my head forward and stared towards the ever-lengthening black shadow. If one didn’t know better he would of thought it was the endless cloud of night that approached but I knew that it was creatures who approached the creatures were warriors of chaos who had reached the fair lands of Bretonnia. I cringed at the thought of Bretonnia becoming a chaos wasteland.

A man in the back row coughed loudly I heard my masters horse turn and the sound of sword on bone as the man’s corps fell to the ground. It was miracle more men weren’t coughing we had been standing in freezing temperatures for hours with out moving. Are shelters if you could call them that were also little help against the frozen wind which whipped under the rags that supported it and sickened those who failed to avoid it’s long reach.

A mounted squire had reached my lord I saw his horse as it pasted it legs were cut and bruised it’s muscles were tight it was ready to collapse the horse looked as though it may of once belonged to the army that now was in deep pursuit of it. The fact chaos had chased him here and he had hoped to take refuge in my lords castle or some secure place he tried to act as though here were not being chased but rather had been scouting “Sir, the storm of chaos has reached our land I just returned from scouting their ranks, their numbers are infinite and their power is great you would be better off running. I nearly was caught myself… Sir!”

My master had ridden out in front of my unit to greet him. He took off his visor to better see the mans face. My master hated the man his eyes slanted as he stared at him he turned to see the oncoming chaos army and he almost looked like if he had a choice between the squire and the chaos army he would of chosen the chaos army. My lord spoke “What is your title squire!”

The squire responded looking dazed and confused “I’m only peasant who has been given the ability to fight for my lord as a squire I have no title of my own… um sir.”

“As I thought then what makes you think you have the right to lie to me as you are a worthless peasant…” (under his breath he mumbled “as worthless as they come you are”) The squire only could stare back with no ability to answer his face was filled with terror he was only a child probably 15 at most but that mattered not to my lord. “Get on my horse!” barked my lord.

“Why sir” he said as he slowly changed horses.

When firmly mounted on my lord’s horse my lord galloped to the distance he was about halfway between the approaching army and us when he stopped. His horse turned and he slowly began to trot then he pushed the squire off the back of his horse and went at full gallop back. I heard his distant voice yelling back to the man “Do you think you can out run them twice!”

The squire turned seeing the option of running did not exist he faced the foe. Truly hopeless stuck his spear into the ground and bowed to pray to the lady although peasants aren’t supposed to do this I truly understood him. He looked up and charged into the ranks of chaos disappeared without the warriors even slowing to kill him. He was probably the first man to be killed in this war in the land of Bretonnia but I knew there would be more soon.

A unit of knights of the Realm approached my lord next these men stood behind my unit but I knew the men were some of the bravest and noblest in all the land. Few knights would agree to serve with one they called “unchivalrous” as my lord these knights were no exception but they felt their presence was needed and although they would have to serve under the a “unchivarlrous” leader they believed that was a weak excuse for not running up and meeting the chaos lords.

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