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The Song of Gilles PDF Print
Sunday, 08 August 2010

The story of how Gilles le Breton united Bretonnia, in alliterative verse.



Knights of Bretonnia                 so gallant and Brave
Led by men                               of martial might
Gilles the Breton                       judged to be worthy
To bear the banner                   of the Lady in battle
The slayer of Smearghus           that dragon so savage
He rallied the Lords                   to liberate the land
And led them in battle               to give birth to Bretonnia
Against hordes of greenskins    both orc and foul goblin
And creatures of darkness        that defiled our fair land
In twelve battles fought            in each were victorious
On the fields of Bordeleaux       by the forest of Chalons
Landuin of Mousillon                  and Thierulf of Lyonesse
Did join in the battle                  great Gilles was their leader
The orcs they did slay                and drive into the sea
Then southward they rode         to succour their allies
Fredemund of Aquitaine             his falcon-horn did sound
A second orc war-horde             they wiped from the land
Before the besiegers                 of Brionne's strong walls
They battled once more             as Balduin rode forth
Then eastward they journeyed  to Quenelles hard embattled
Where the forest of Loren         was engulfed in foul flames
They fought through the night  with the fey of the forest
Against orc invader                   they allied their cause       
 Then tireless they pounded     the road north to Parravon
Where devious  goblins            the streets did defile
Foes without number                they fed to the flames
And as rose the moon               to Montfort they rode
And there a black dart              great Gilles did defy
It wounded him sore                giving woe to all true men
And until the dawn                   he lay at Morr's door
But then the black dart             from his chest he withdrew
And light from the wound         the Lady send forth
He lifted the bolt                       to use as a lance
And rode forth once more         his eyes full of wrath
The siege being broken            the foe being bested
They fled from from the lords   to their lairs underground
In the depths they did hide      in darkness descending
But Gilles and his friends          knew nothing of fear
For the light in their eyes         was lambent in the caverns
And the light of their swords   did signal the way
To cast from his throne            the king of the goblins
And once more triumphant       to the surface returned
Then did Mork and Gork           before Gisoreux's gates
Did fight alongside                   their greenskined followers
But against their foul magic      the Lady was master
Once more from the field          the orcs swiftly fled
Then terror of undeath             from tombs of Mousillon
The grail knights defeated        and returned to the grave
When the lance of fair Landuin  true lord of that land
Struck down the foul creature   that summoned the dead
And fleeing in terror                  back into the forest
The beastmen were bested      by Bretonnian bravery
The Norscan barbarians            from lands to the north
Marcus the mighty                    made to retreat
He fought against Svengar      chief of the Skaelings
Atop the great tower               he rent him in twain
On the banks of the Sannez    the orcs once more sighting
Their eyes with light blazing    as battle was joined
Their hearts filled with love      for the Lady and right
The orcs' black blood spilled    and soaked all the earth
So that it remains                    a marsh to this day
On the plain of Couronne         their prayers they did utter
As from Forest of Arden           came forth monsters fearful
Fierce horned beastmen          so boastfully proud
Trolls out of nightmare             each large as a tree trunk
Above them the giants             yet still Gilles did laugh
And issue defiance                   though dread were his foes
Yet from the Pale Sisters          those hills silent standing
Came forth a horde great        of goblins and orcs
Thousands of greenskins         that made shake the ground
Yet Rademund on-looking        said 'the Lady is with us
Her knights will know triumph  while their hearts stay true'
But as forth they rode              a third foe revealed
on Couronne's own ramparts   gave cause for distress
The ratmen emerging               from sewers came racing
to slaughter the guards           and throw wide the gates
Surrounded they stood thus    these stout-hearted heroes
The lords of Bretonnia              did battle as one
The foes all about them            fell back in disorder
As through night and day         the darkness they drove
Though weeks swiftly passing  the companions untiring
By the strength of the Lady      Succomed not to fear
And then at the last                  they leapt forth victorious
Thus evil was vanquished         and virtue rewarded
Then vowed all the lords           that henceforth their lands
Would together be joined         under Gilles' wise rule
A kingdom united                      that could never fail
A land of brave knights             chivalrous and loyal
Through centuries enduring      to stand against evil
And so to this time                   we stand ever ready
To oncemore do battle             when Bretonnia should call
The Lady before us                  Our light in the darkness
Rewarding our valour               and vanquishing our foes
So let us to victory                   and virtue now drink
To Gilles of Bastonne               and Balduin of Brienne
To Lambard the Stoic               and Thierulf of Lyonesse
To Fredemund of Aquitaine      and Folgar of Artois
To Carleond of Couronne         and Corduin of L'Anguille
To Beren of Gisoreux               and Marcus of Bordeleaux
To Landuin of Mousillon           and Martrud of Montford
To Agilgar of Parravon             and to Rademund the Pure



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For technical and legal reasons, the Round Table of Bretonnia has shut down operations. For inquiries and questions, please contact the admin at webmaster@roundtable-bretonnia.org
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