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The Dispossessed Knight's Tale PDF Print
Saturday, 09 January 2010
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The Dispossessed Knight's Tale
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The following forms a sub-plot to the thread "A bretonnian revolution? (discussion and planning)" and was written by me over a 24-hour period between 31st December 2009 and 1st January 2010.

The story revolves around a dispossessed knight, named  Toustain de Mont Briècque, who is from the small town of Mont Briècque in southern Carcassonne and located in the foothills of the eastern Irrana Mountains, near to the Nuvolone Pass.

I hope you enjoy the story, and your comments and feedback, via the RP thread, will be most welcome.

Sir Guy (aka CitadelSix / Geoff Buss) 


For a great many generations, Toustain’s ancestors had held a very large estate and a strategically important castle that guarded the western approaches of the Nuvolone Pass. The estate was a very rich one and blessed with a good location, soil and climate, so that its main source of revenue was from the vineyards that covered most of its acres and the fine wines - produced by its presses, that were much sought after in both Bretonnia and Tilea to the south. The estate and castle’s position being close to the Nuvolone Pass worked in great favour to the holder, for the castle not only controlled the Pass from a military aspect but also from a major trading one as well. For the main trade route between the southern regions of Bretonnia and Tilea was through the Pass.

When Toustain had just turned twelve years old, his father, Etienne de Briècque - Le Sire de Donjon Briècque and knight of the realm, left to fight in a campaign down in the Southlands, leaving Toustain’s beautiful and very capable mother, Lady Marissa, to manage the estate while he was away. However, a little over a year later, another knight also on that same campaign, a Baron Pétois de Quenelles, brought the news of Etienne’s death to Lady Marissa. Pétois also carried a letter bearing Etienne’s seal, which he handed to Marissa.

The Baron claimed to have befriended Etienne during the campaign and over time they became good friends. Unfortunately, while they were laying siege to a fortress, named Ker Al-Kabir, Etienne was mortally wounded and all his contingent slain. As he lay dying, Etienne dictated a letter to Pétois and asked him to take it to the Lady Marissa. The foot of the letter carried a very shaky version of Etienne’s signature, but the wax that sealed the letter closed, bore his crest. The letter gave the Baron custodianship of the Donjon Briècque until the young Toustain reached the age of entitlement to his father’s castle and estate. It also stated that the Lady Marissa and Toustain were to remain in residence as the rightful occupants, but that the Baron should be allowed to take up temporary residence, in order to ensure that the castle and estate were properly maintained and run until Toustain came of age. The Lady Marissa was too overcome with grief at the loss of her beloved husband to protest or even discuss the letter’s contents, and so the Baron departed for his own stronghold and estates back in Quenelles.

Pétois granted the Lady Marissa a suitable period of mourning for her deceased husband before he arrived back at the Donjon Briècque, accompanied by a contingent of men-at-arms and a group of servants, to take up his temporary residence there. At first, Marissa tolerated the Baron’s presence, solely because he was Etienne’s comrade in arms. But as the weeks turned into months, without any sign of Baron Pétois being in any hurry to return to Quenelles, Marissa began to resent his presence and his ever increasing interference in the running of the estate. Eventually, her resentment boiled over into ever increasing arguments, disputes and confrontations with the Baron about his gradual replacement of many of Etienne’s senior estate workers with his own people.

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