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Sunday, 05 April 2009
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Chapter 3: Insolence
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    "So you're on your way to Belmoz?" Joáquin asked the stranger. So far the man hadn't said anything. They were nearing Belmoz, One more hill and they'd be there. A new shipped had docked at the harbour. Supposedly Arabyan trade vessel, it was a lot larger than the Tilean ones. He hadn't seena lot of them lately. From what he'd heard, it was Arabyan corsairs these days, few traders. Not that it bothered Joáquin much. Arabyan, Tilean or even Marienburgers, as long as they paid.
    "Yes." The stranger answered, absently staring at the Belmoz harbor. That wouldn't do as an answer.
    "For what purpose, if I may ask?" He said. The man didn't even move. The insolence of the stranger, he was allowed to lift on his cart, yet he refused to say anything. Luckily, they were almost in Belmoz. He'd walk down the market with Jañina, see if there was some nice Arabyan pottery they could afford. Maybe Jeruel was in town too, the bastard still owed him money. He grinned. Old Jeruel, no one quite knew what he did for a living. He could be a beggar, could be a thief. He himself claimed he was a feared mercenary warrior. No one doubted the correctness of his claims, everybody knew they were false. Dirty old rat, but a nice fellow to drink with. At least he was always at that inn. Ah, Ravished Rosanne's, what man hadn't been there, hadn't heard the tales? Many stories he had heard over there, tales of heroic knights of Estalia and Bretonnia, fanciful tales of Deamons and Goat-men in the darker forest, and other stories that are only good after a couple of tankards of home-brewed beer. Ah, the beer of Ravished Rosanne's, it was almost as good as the grapes in the back of his cart. Almost as good.

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