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Friday, 03 April 2009
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The Day Before the Next- Part VIII, Bloody Reunions
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And so the fate of Dante Marcel is decided as a troubled Maximillian decides which path he is to choose. Jean continues through the thick of the fight to find his brother, and Beregond continues through the fray of the fight to his goal.

Day Before the Next- Part VIII, Bloody Reunions


Beregond dashed across the muddy field towards the Imperial side of the fight. The state troops line up with handguns were caught overwhelmed as Beregond took them from behind, his great sword crashing through the heads of Imperial filth, sending them fleeing in disarray from the unexpected Chaos devotee.


He hurried himself into the fray as a magical blast from his hand crushed the bones of the spearmen turning in attention to him as his blade swung with skill overtop his head and down through the body in full force of a spearman. He was surrounded slowly by Halberds and as one lunged themselves forward at his back a bang was heard from across the field, dropping the man as Maximillian reloaded his rifle quickly for another round.


Into the thick of the fighting Beregond threw himself at the State troops like there was no tomorrow. It was now that the blood was shed for the Blood God in a luminous splatter across the faces of others and his clothing as his blade decapitated another soldier.


Maximillian was amazed by the pure strength of the man as he watched from afar. The lengths he was going through to kill this single heretic were grand, but there was something wrong with this, wasn't there? This man showed far too much anger and fury to be one after a heretic. He unloaded another round into the head of a Bretonnian knight as his lance stopped short of piercing through Beregond's head, thinking to himself. Such magical powers he displayed worried Max slightly this man had saved his life and he made a promise, yet something still felt wrong. Looking through his scope, his eye kept on Beregond, as he began to breathe in a more controlled manner. He looked above Beregond and saw the knight which Beregond had told him about, wearing the purple and green heraldry. He looked back down at Beregond, and again at the knight. He had to choose... everything was adding up in his mind now, and there was no evidence of this heretic put forth to him, only but a promise and a word of trust. He looked back at the knight, and looked down at Beregond again as he cleaved his way through the masses. He had to choose, and he had to choose now. In this moment he held his breath.


Beregond turned and swung into the ranks of knights, parrying shortly as their horses reared in battle, kicking Beregond to the muddy ground; a man-at-arm rushing by the knight's side, jabbing his pole-arm down towards Beregond's chest just to be clipped in the head by another bullet.


He stood up; Beregond looked for a moment before parrying with his great sword against a falling sword from a swordsman to his rear. He swung cutting the man from his shoulder to his waist before seeing a horse running in with the Marcel heraldry from behind the ranks of the Bretonnian line. "Jean..." Beregond mumbled under his breath in distaste. What stopped him from cutting him down unexpectedly right now? The Gods have deemed him something of importance but he would show them.


"Dante is the one you must kill." A voice whistled through his ears. Beregond bit his bottom lip and nodded... they were right- he would do their bidding and see where it led him.




I rode deep into the heart of battle, leaving Dominique behind as he pulled himself back together from his wound. My great sword lowered as I swept it down deep into an Imperial soldier when I met the line of battle. In the heat of war I drew my blade back and began to cut my way through the lines to find my brother. I twirled my blade once, following with a swing down into the masses as I pushed through the ranks.


I didn't care if I had to cut down ever man here- I would find my brother. Another spear jutted out in my direction as I moved to dodge it by only an inch, countering with a swing as the Imperial managed to put up a fight, parrying with his shield, drawing his sword. My blade met his as he pushed on my horse with his shield, but in a feat of strength, I was able to unlock my blade by pushing his down, swinging upwards after through his chest.


The Bretonnian line seemed to be at an even match as I looked across for Dante, yet there was no sign of him. I backed out of the front only to watch the replacing knight be brought down by a gunshot. Quickly I rode around the battle lines until I saw him in the heat of battle just nearing the front on the far right flank as I rode quickly to meet him.


Through the swathe of knights and men I trudged. My blade was drawn as I cut deep into the ranks of the enemy in my way, trying to make it to him- I had to drag him out of here before it was too late.


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