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Foreword and Chapter 1: Thoughts of Nobility PDF Print E-mail
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Written by TheAdmiral   
Friday, 06 March 2009
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Foreword and Chapter 1: Thoughts of Nobility
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I’m glad you’ve decided to read the stories of the house D’Avis.  I hope you’ll find it as enjoyable to read as I found it to write. AS you may have gathered, the story is set in the south-west of Estalia, San Pedro del Sur, to be exact, just south of Belmoz, where the Reconquista RPG (found in the Guildhall of Wayfarers section of this forum) is set. Also, by the time of the Reconquista RPG, the family D’Avis will have disappeared from the Fazenda.I believe a few things have to be said of the story before you start reading. The most important thing is that I’ve decided to keep very close to history rather than GW canon. I’ve done this with a reason:  I found that if I included creatures like Skaven or Dwarfs as important characters, the philosophical and emotional value of the story might be lost, due to it no longer being an anthropocentrical novel.

Which leads to the second note. I wrote this story as a novel, and thus it should be read as a novel. I’m aware of the fact that it is difficult to read a novel from screen, and therefore I’ve requested the category ‘A Familía D’Avis’ (which is Portuguese for ‘The Family of Avis’), which allowed me to post it in chapters. Hence I advise reading it in chapters and not all in one go. It will hurt your eyes.I took my inspiration from various novels, stories and historical articles, but most notably from D.H. Lawrence’s 1926 novel “The Plumed Serpent”, which is a great read. I advise you pick it up sometime if you get the chance. I find that it portrays the (controversial) thoughts of the main characters very well, and the plot is also very interesting. However, the inspiration didn’t stop at the themes and setting. You’ll find that the style is also very much influenced by the book. Hence why this story is in third-person and not in first-person like a lot of my other work. I’ve considered using first-person, but in the end decided against it for the simple reason that the story is about a family and not a single person (and third-person obviously allows for easier switching between point of views). That was all I had to say really. I’d like to thank the Round Table for allowing me to publish it here, and especially Uther for helping me out when I needed help, both in terms of the Round Table and Iberian history and culture, which obviously plays a vital part in the story.

Arthur (TheAdmiral).

Last Updated ( Saturday, 07 March 2009 )
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Foreword and Chapter 1: Thoughts of Nobility Mar 07 2009 06:31
This thread discusses the Content article: Foreword and Chapter 1: Thoughts of Nobility

Greetings TheAdmiral,

I know it's early to comment on your story but... It's wonderfully easy to get into reading. The characters are introduced gradually, and are well presented. One touch I liked immensely was the way Senor Duarte is comparing peasants to cockroaches in his thoughts, but is accepting, even praises Joaqin without prejudice. This seeming contradiction really brings Duarte alive. It shows a great imagination and a daring in thought to explore any concept, even unsavory ones in the quest for truth, while remaining decent folk. In other words, you have painted a man with his head in the clouds and his feet on the ground. Anyway, I am greatly looking forward to your story and your reconquista role playing game as I am a great fan of Charlton Heston's 'El Cid', though ignorant of the realities of the actual history.

---Sweet Saint Repanse smile on you!
-----Gerard the Easterner
Re:Foreword and Chapter 1: Thoughts of Nobility Mar 07 2009 12:32
First of all, thanks for the comment!

I'm glad I've achieved the desired effect. The whole story will focus on the characters more than the actual events. Sure, there are events, but what the story is really about is how the family deals with these events.

Can't say too much on it without revealing anything, so you'll just have to wait for chapter two, which will naturally be a lot longer. This is just an appetizer.

EDIT: The Reconquista RPG is still in Sign-up. Sign-up now and you'll have a good deal of freedom in creating your character. Once it has started, it will have to be a character that fits the story.
Re:Foreword and Chapter 1: Thoughts of Nobility Mar 08 2009 01:30
Hm. A good start. I'll be interested to see where this goes next.

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