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Using the Prophtess of the Lady PDF Print
Friday, 02 January 2009
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Using the Prophtess of the Lady
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The Bretonnian army offers two lord choices, the Bretonnian lord and the Lady`s Prophtess. This article will discuss all aspects, good and bad, concerning using a wizard lord in a Bretonnian army. This will be done in several chapters:

1. Purpose: why take the Prophtess, 2. General: Is the Prophtess fit to be the general, 3. Level: is it better to take level 3 or 4. Mount – which mount to choose, 5. Lore - Which lore to choose., 6. Magical items – suggestions on heirlooms., 7. Magic ressitance , 8. Miscasts – risks of high level wizzards


It is tough choice, to give up the fighter lord, and take a wizard. There are few main reasons for this fact.

(A) Firstly you lower the army leadership to a maximum of 8, which the Bretonnian lord as a general would spread, and such a choice inflicts many consequences. Rally tests with musician will be done at a maximum of 9, terror tests at a maximum of 8 and this psychology deficit is the biggest downside of this choice.

(B) You loose the opportunity to have a virtue which the lord might take.

(C) You get a more fragile lord who can be easily hurt, instead of a lord who can endure great amount of hits.

All these arguments are well put, and no amount of tactic will erase them, but if you choose a wizard you make sacrifices on one hand, in order to gain benefits on the other. So by choosing the prophtess you gain: (a) An extra slot for a paladin, because the lord mage can produce the same amount of magical defense as two damsels. (b) You gain the opportunity to take extra arcane items, combined with all the scrolls Youre army will need. (c) The offensive magic, is greatly strengthened because the Prophtess can cast spells with 4 or 5 dices depending on level. (d) You gain the ability to use the lore of heavens which is an excellent tool if you want to stay far from the battle because spells do not require range.

When these elements are combined, they should make a clear picture in a generals head wether he wants, or doesn’t want to try out the power of magic over the power of steel.



Given into account how the Prophtess doesn’t  have superior leadership to the knights, there is no use making her the general. It would be a better idea to make one of the paladins a general so that the victory points get distributed more evenly, and this could perhaps take off some heat from the fragile prophtess from the enemy side, although such a scenario is not likely. The main prerequisite of using this lord choice is making sure she does not enter the battle.



The choice between level three and level four should be pretty easy to make. A mere 35 point difference, makes a big difference in game: one more power dice and the possibility of casting spells with 5 dices, which is the main benefit of using the prophtess. Using a level three mage would be contradictory to the purpose of using the lord wizard.


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For technical and legal reasons, the Round Table of Bretonnia has shut down operations. For inquiries and questions, please contact the admin at webmaster@roundtable-bretonnia.org
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