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Using the Prophtess of the Lady PDF Print E-mail
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Written by King Mislav   
Friday, 02 January 2009
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Using the Prophtess of the Lady
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The Bretonnian army offers two lord choices, the Bretonnian lord and the Lady`s Prophtess. This article will discuss all aspects, good and bad, concerning using a wizard lord in a Bretonnian army. This will be done in several chapters:

1. Purpose: why take the Prophtess, 2. General: Is the Prophtess fit to be the general, 3. Level: is it better to take level 3 or 4. Mount – which mount to choose, 5. Lore - Which lore to choose., 6. Magical items – suggestions on heirlooms., 7. Magic ressitance , 8. Miscasts – risks of high level wizzards


It is tough choice, to give up the fighter lord, and take a wizard. There are few main reasons for this fact.

(A) Firstly you lower the army leadership to a maximum of 8, which the Bretonnian lord as a general would spread, and such a choice inflicts many consequences. Rally tests with musician will be done at a maximum of 9, terror tests at a maximum of 8 and this psychology deficit is the biggest downside of this choice.

(B) You loose the opportunity to have a virtue which the lord might take.

(C) You get a more fragile lord who can be easily hurt, instead of a lord who can endure great amount of hits.

All these arguments are well put, and no amount of tactic will erase them, but if you choose a wizard you make sacrifices on one hand, in order to gain benefits on the other. So by choosing the prophtess you gain: (a) An extra slot for a paladin, because the lord mage can produce the same amount of magical defense as two damsels. (b) You gain the opportunity to take extra arcane items, combined with all the scrolls Youre army will need. (c) The offensive magic, is greatly strengthened because the Prophtess can cast spells with 4 or 5 dices depending on level. (d) You gain the ability to use the lore of heavens which is an excellent tool if you want to stay far from the battle because spells do not require range.

When these elements are combined, they should make a clear picture in a generals head wether he wants, or doesn’t want to try out the power of magic over the power of steel.



Given into account how the Prophtess doesn’t  have superior leadership to the knights, there is no use making her the general. It would be a better idea to make one of the paladins a general so that the victory points get distributed more evenly, and this could perhaps take off some heat from the fragile prophtess from the enemy side, although such a scenario is not likely. The main prerequisite of using this lord choice is making sure she does not enter the battle.



The choice between level three and level four should be pretty easy to make. A mere 35 point difference, makes a big difference in game: one more power dice and the possibility of casting spells with 5 dices, which is the main benefit of using the prophtess. Using a level three mage would be contradictory to the purpose of using the lord wizard.


Last Updated ( Monday, 05 January 2009 )
Discuss (10 posts)
Using the Prophtess of the Lady Jan 06 2009 02:11
This thread discusses the Content article: Using the Prophtess of the Lady

Interesting article. Makes me consider running a Prophetess on foot. I wonder, would a single Lv 4 in a 2000pt list provide enough offensive magic to make her worth it

Aside from that, there seems to be a few minor spelling mistakes, but nothing major. Nice job.
Re:Using the Prophtess of the Lady Jan 06 2009 11:17
Yes I am sorry for the spelling error. Seems that spelling check on word was turned off so I didnt notice them.
As for the prophtess, i wanted to share this idea with you because i have not seen many Bretonnian players choose this option in the latest edition.
I have started using it half a year ago. And frankly, a level 4 wizzard is a big pressure to take care and preserve.
In defensive missions she is fine and im quite contempt. In offensive missions even more. The offensive power of the mage comes out of three major arguments. 1. Against magic low armies it has a lot of power dice and can cast three small spells or two medium spells (by small and medium im refering to the casting level and the number of dice with which the mage casts). 2. Against armies that have solid magic defense, it can attempt to try one big and one small spell (e.g. one spell with 2 dice and one with 4 dices), 3. and against armies with heavy magic I usually tried one spell, with 5 dices. It is a big miscast risk but armies with many dispell dices get greedy and dont want to use the scroll, they rather dispell with dices and risk failing.
I know its a dash unortodox tactic, but perhaps someone will try it and even with more luck, like it.
Re:Using the Prophtess of the Lady Jan 06 2009 15:27
One of my 40k armies is eldar, and I absolutely love psychic powers in 40k, so naturally I wanted to have some spell casting in my brets. However everyone I asked about either a Lord or a Prophetess they said the Lord, so that's what I went with. Possibly in the future I'll try the Prophetess.

If I really wanted magic heavy I would have chosen High Elves or VC! Which I may just do that after I'm finished building my brets.
Re:Using the Prophtess of the Lady Jan 07 2009 03:02
All hail craftworld Ulthwe! At least so says the fellow eldar player.

I've tried the prophetess with generally poor results, but then again I play in an area with some of the hardest gamers around. Every list has magic protection capable of shutting down whatever I throw out there. She only comes in at 4000 points for me. (Lord at 2000, Green Knight at 3000, if not specials then she comes in early) She comes in before the Fay, who is cool but I'd rather have the dispel scrolls. At that point value she does put up a decent amount of magic attack power. She does seem cursed with not getting any good spells for me though, but she does get them off at turn 4 and up. That's after I've killed their wizards.

In friendly games she is quite entertaining for me to run. I run her on a horse and she does ok, it does make for a more entertaining and relaxed game for me.
Re:Using the Prophtess of the Lady Jan 07 2009 03:11
SaintofVirtue wrote:
All hail craftworld Ulthwe! At least so says the fellow eldar player.

He who sees his own doom can better avoid its path. He who sees the doom of others can deliver it. Ulthwe is my army as well.

You really don't like the fay enchantress? I've thought he was so amazing when reading her stuff over a normal Prophetess (and you get so much more for maybe double the point cost, and that's a really bare prohetess. She causes fear to most enemies, and terror to 20% of the rest of things you'll face and the amount of dispell dice you can generate, especially with that toad... it makes me wish we play with special characters up at my LGS. Then again Lord Kroak... ugh. Also being able to use any lore... nice. Not having to pray to get the blessing, etc. it's just amazing.

What lore do you usually run with for your prophetesses and damsels?
Re:Using the Prophtess of the Lady Jan 07 2009 05:59
O have only ran a Prophtess of the Lady a couple of times. normaly on foot with three dispel scrolls and the dragons claw to help keep her alive. It unothordox and normally throws my foes for a loop. Normally go with lore of heavens for the helpful rerolls and some of the minor offesnse getting forked lightning d6 S4 no AS makes some armies hate her. and the comet is just funny. This list also has two level two damsels one life and one beasts depending on what i roll I have a field day in the magic phase but it all depends on luck.
Re:Using the Prophtess of the Lady Jan 07 2009 07:30
Up until now I also fielded her on foot but with three scrolls and a prayer icon. This was convenient for me because i had 4 infantry blocks capable of providing her cover.
In my new list, i have less infantry and more knights and im actually testing her mounted on royal pegasus, but i cant tell you how that works out until i play a few games with that combination.
Re:Using the Prophtess of the Lady Jan 07 2009 15:15
While I do not use a prophetess I think that if I did I would consider taking a level 4 with lore of the beast 2 dispel scrolls and 5 potions of sacre. when rolling three or more dice on a spell it give you the ability to cast a spell with irresistible force on a roll of 6+6 or 5+6. It can be used in defensive rolls also. While its only one use with the potions so cheap its definitely something I would consider. Also, just to make clear, since a potion is a one use item like a dispel scroll or power stone you can have more then one on a character.
I would take lore of the beasts because with 4 chances out of 6 to pull the "Wolf Hunts" spell (move in the magic phase) or at least the "Beast Cowers" (one unit, no move or attacks by enemy cav or monster.) I could feel pretty safe in hoping for some decent crowd control for my army.
Re:Using the Prophtess of the Lady Jan 07 2009 15:31
The fact it is one use only doesn't mean you can take more than one, at all, dispel scroll and power stones are the only arcane items you can take multiples of, nothing else. the rulebook clearly says so, and the army book doesn't say otherwise. The same rule applies to the Wood Elf item: Ranu's Hearstone, you can only take one. That is the rule, there are no exceptions I know of.

You honestly think you can take multiple Silver Mirrors!?!

And I'd take Lore of Life, because i love it. Very low casting rolls, slows down enemies, stops tehm shooting. All a Bretonnian player needs.
Re:Using the Prophtess of the Lady Jan 07 2009 22:05
I play against Chaos a LOT, at least 3 of my friends play Chaos, and 3 other gamers in the area here play Chaos. (I hate it). Anyway, I found that taking a unit of Grail Knights (8) and sticking her in there on Horseback is fairly effective. The Magic Resistance she has carries over to the unit itself. Having an extra 2 dispel dice every time that unit is targeted with magic is very helpful. It is just one unit, but being Grail Knights it's usually the best unit (and one of the only ones that do not need to check for fear when charging chaos units!) And since she is protected by Knights I take 4x Dispel Scrolls.

With that list I also take 2 lvl 2 Damsels on Horsback and stick them in my Knights Errant and Knights of the Realm units with 2x dispel scrolls a piece. Counter all that Chaos magic I face.
There are too many comments to list them all here. See the forum for the full discussion.

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