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Wednesday, 26 November 2008
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The Day Before the Next- Part VII, A Sense of Purpose
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Jean and Dominique rode hard through the dirt and the mud... they hadn't much time. Ahead of them they saw a few encampments laid out in Bretonnian heraldry, the King's colours flying high. "Excellent we must be close!" I said out loud as Dominique lowered himself further and kicked his horse to go faster.


There was a battle emerging up ahead, two armies- a relatively large Bretonnian force marching onto the field to meet an infantry army of the Empire. Looking closely Jean couldn't help but look for Dante in the crowd, yet no sign of him yet. Dominique quickly marched into the nearest encampment searching for him. "Knights of Bretonnia I look for Dante Marcel, his life may be in danger!" He said as some pointed out to the field.


Dominique looked out to the field of battle as the fight had just begun. The horns of the Knights of Bretonnia were sounded and they charged deep into the ranks of Imperial ranked infantry. It was a mess of troops on both sides as bodies could be seen littering the muddy grounds, blood further staining the already ruined earth. One could not pick out a single person from the massive fight, and so there was only one thing to do.


I had come up from behind him searching frantically for Dante with no sight of him. He had to be in the midst of battle. "Dominique?" I asked without even saying more than his name, a nod following. As we kicked out horses we would join the fray. Our horses sped quickly towards the fight and off in the distance I noticed a man on foot approaching the Imperial side of the armies- I knew who it was... I could sense it. We would have to beat him there! We had no choice.


The sun had slowly set over the Marches of Couronne as the battle began to rage. Fires lit the now dimming sky from longbows as the arrows fell deep into the ranks of imperial troops. Dominique and I quickly galloped to battle as the sound of handguns burst from afar. As I looked over, I saw Dominique fall from a shot smashing into his shoulder. He pulled his helm off, his eyes meeting mine instantly. He only had to shout at me once: "Run Jean! Go!"

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