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Saturday, 22 November 2008
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The Day Before the Next- Part IV, Fate of a Warrior
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As the story continues the fate of Beregond is revealed in part 4 of The Day Before the Next.

Day Before the Next- Part IV, Fate of a Warrior

"So what if he is weaker than the others? He can still serve a purpose!"

"This is not in our greater interest... we have many other... closer ones who can do this."

"You are wrong, if we can bring one of their own from the inside out, we can rot their very flesh with ease!"

"Enough blood has been shed to be appeased as it is, maybe he is right... maybe we can give him the strength."

"Yes... yes... maybe we can."

Beregond's eyes opened in a flash. In an instant he looked at the ground, pushing himself up on his knees bewildered as he stood up and looked at the night sky. All around him were ruins... ruins of his own destruction, the flames that were so bright from when he remembered now dead. "What trickery is this?" Beregond asked in the bearing silence, finding himself at l'Ambertrou.

"SILENCE PAWN!" a scream shrieked through his mind. Beregond looked into the night sky, covering his ears in pain. "We have decided... yessss... decided to... incorporate you, weakling." The voice said in a slither.

"Weakling? Show yourself so I may cut you down my-" Beregond said as he was cut off, his body lifting off the ground being choked by some unknown force. "You have so easily let us into your mind." "Your heart." "Your soul." The voice said, now seemingly three different voices. A dark laughter filled the air as Beregond was dropped and stepped back in wonder of this event. "Now you will do what you're told... it will take... a matter of time, though." Beregond nodded.

In the heart of the Pale Sisters the burning sensation of the screams pierced his ears. Beregond slammed his fist into another screamer, driving it deep into the snow, a gushing of black blood oozing from it after. His chain mail boots crushed through the almost-knee deep snow. His ears weren't the only thing burning; his eyes were tired of this constant vision of white on the plateau. The freezing cold biting at his ankles and the harsh winds nipping at his face, he was regretting everything, yet still something pushed him onwards.

It was only by accident that his foot fell through the snow and into something else, cracking through an icy surface. Falling over he grabbed for the edges of the hole he had now created, trying to get a grip on the snow as he was slowly pulled down, falling into the dark abyss. Deep... deep into the mountain he fell, into the depths of the world that had not been seen for a millennium. His body was caught in mid air, 15 feet above the ground, stopping all sudden movement, and then dropped. A sound of pain escaped Beregond as he hit the cold floor, looking up in the pitch darkness.

"You have come far... yeeessssss." The voice said to him. "And how am I to proceed with not a thing to be seen?" Beregond questioned as the entire room then lit up in a bright pink glow, torches all along the paths winding through the mountain. "It has not been dissssturbed for a thousand years, no. I would be... careful." The voice said to Beregond after.

He could tell that there was a sly smile following the end of that statement, but he nodded. "What I do I do for my father, Bretonnia dared persist on his heresy and I will persist on theirs!" He said as he began walking along the path. He kicked a rock off the side of it and heard it drop- a trickle heard only after a full 15 seconds. His thoughts were in absolute wonder; what is this that they had sent him on? Where was he going?

As he walked along some more, another set of torches lit the path ahead, upon doing so Beregond heard something... a small shriek or cry. "Who's there?!" He asked out loud as the sound of wings flapping around him filled the air and from the darkness; furies poured forth. "Be gone creatures of the night!" He shouted as he pulled his blade, moving one hand forward and practically disintegrating them with magic as he stabbed another, but it wasn't long before they got their claws on him.

"Get... off... of... ME!" Beregond shouted in anger as his body heated up. His blade cut the head off of another fury, but they persisted at his flesh, tearing holes in his skin. With a scream, though, Beregond's body lit on fire, everything in the radius burning instantly as the Furies fell from the air and dropped their clutches on him, falling into the darkness below. Calming down, the fire melted away, leaving only smoke coming from his body as Beregond smiled in this... this power.


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