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Monday, 29 September 2008

books.png Three years is a long time in our societies of fast-food and short-attention spans. I'm honoured to have lived through with the Round Table the greater part of those years. Even that honoured that I had become foolish enough to suggest to host a literature contest for our fabulous celebration. There are many talented and creative writers active on our wonderful forum, the literature sections a living testimony of the great fan fiction of many users.  A promise is a promise however and here are the ground rules.

   "The gentle scratches of his pen on the paper was the only sound to disturb the ancient silence of the room. By now the small chambers, filled with rows upon rows of books and loose parchments, smelled of the burning candle nearing the end of its wick. It was only a small light in the perpetual darkness of the dusty library but it would do for the aged man. It had ever been enough illumination throughout the many years he had been rooted upon the chair of hardened wood. The pain in his back was now no more but a numb sensation, the muscles in his palm where he had clutched his weathered feather pen seemed as hard as the rocks on which the keep had been built. Finally he could write his two only friends in this world, the friends who signified an end to a tale and the beginning of a long and dark journey to the next. Would this tale brave the centuries or be forgotten when his weary body be laid to rest?"

Participants have until Sunday 30th of November 2008 to upload their specific entry for the competition in the category "Anniversary Literature Competition" in the Literature section of the Round Table. So in short: just upload your submissions to Literature and choose to send in a new piece and choose  Anniversary Literature Competition in the category (NB: If you haven't send in a story before this, you should ask Robert de Giselles the clearance to send in new material). If you want other members to proofread the first draft and listen to their opinions in order to build the strongest story, you are free to do so in The Hall of the Bards. Keep in mind though that only the submissions to the literature section count and you can't change your submission after sending it in (until after the competition).


The Rules



  1. Each member can submit at most one submission.
  2. Your submission must be related to Bretonnia and be set entirely in the Warhammer World.
  3. Your submission must be a new one, i.e. you may not have submitted it to the literature section here or elsewhere in the past.
  4. The story should at least be one page (+/-1000 words) and at the most three pages (+/- 3000 words) long.
  5. Please use a standard font (Times New Roman 12, Calibri 11,... or even better: use the default font styles in the Editor when sending in the article) and standard interpunction and interlines.
  6. It should be a stand-alone short story with no ties with other stories.
  7. Judges will be Administrator Robert de Giselles and Moderators Gisoreux de Ponthieu and Uther Di Asturien.
  8. Here are several criteria the Judges will base themselves on to grade your submission:
    • Creativity (20): how creative and fresh was your story? Did it enthral the reader or was it more like a newspaper article? Another damsel-in-distress story or a true ballad of heroism? Does the story have a certain depth or is it a walk from point A to point B?
    • Readability (10): How well written was your piece in fact? Was it a smooth read or was the reader's experience hampered by too many interpunctions, degradations and so on?
    • Consistency (10): Does the entire story add up or is the reader lost in the many contradictions? No plotholes or does the character's colour of hair change with every page for example?  Is the usage of tenses correct or does the writer change between past and present?
    • Correctness (10): Is the story conform with the rules set out for the competition or did the writer choose his own path at his own risk?



The Staff wishes you the inspiration of Erato and good luck.


Remember, remember the 30th of November

Anniversary, literature, and competition

I see no reason why literature and competitions

Should ever be forgot...




Last Updated ( Monday, 29 September 2008 )
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